Critical Mass in the bush.


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Checked patches 2 and 3 today.

Patch 2 the plants have lost their lower leaves due to lack of water, but if it rains decently I will get something off them.

Patch 3 looks like it will be a write off. Five plants have been killed by termites, and the rest are small and crappy due to lack of water.

I better go and check the other two patches, see how they are doing.


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Checked patch 1 today; I think it's been a month since I checked it.

Brought 10 litres of water in a backpack to water them, and also it had rained so there were several buckets of water in the reservoir, so they all got a watering.

I'm worried about them getting attacked by termites, as termites are attracted by damp soil, and while they are there they will eat the plants roots and stem, killing the plant.
I will have to order some Imidacloprid from Ebay. Never used it before, but I heard they use it on sugar cane to combat termites.

This is the two earlier planted Critical Mass.

This is the Mango, reaching for the sky. It's too tall to reach the top of the plant. Didn't see any signs of female flowers yet, I should have used the magnifying glass to check closely. But I'm quite certain it's a female plant.

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I had better finish this thread off.

So it rained at the time the two biggest Critical Mass were due to be harvested, and I went there and they were bent over from the weight of the buds and the rain, so I harvested the buds on the end of the branches, which allowed the branches to stand up again, and went back two weeks later and harvested the rest of the buds as well as the smaller Critical Mass plants.

The Mango I harvested just recently; I have a feeling LE found that spot.
Usually they just pull up any plants they find, but they may have left this one in the hope that they would catch me coming back from harvesting it.
They may even have put a hidden camera at the site; I didn't see one but then again I wasn't looking that hard for one, to busy harvesting the plant and getting out of there.

I did see a suspicious car parked nearby on a few occasions.

So I will assume LE found that spot after I had harvested the Critical Mass but before the Mango was ready.

Too many things point to LE having found the grow.

So I will concentrate on improving the other patches for next season, and leave this patch till last, maybe I will even rest it next year, but a better strategy would be to set up a trail cam there, and see if LE comes back early next year to see if something is being grown there, and if not, then plant it late.

Got a heap of Critical Mass x Mango seeds from the seed spot though, so all set for next year.

See you all next guerilla season, although I am already busy improving the spots I have.

As they say, the game is won or lost in the off season. It's what you do now in the winter and early spring that decides the outcome of the coming season.
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