Critical Mass in the bush.


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I have a trail cam, but I will save it for patch 4, as that has the most plants, and also because I have water at that spot this year the plants will grow bigger.

I did set it up on the approaches to patch 2 a couple of times, for about a week and a half each time, but no ripper. If there is a ripper the ripper may not go exactly that way.

Did get shots of wallabies and a couple of foxes and one of a domestic cat gone wild, so there are other things out there that can break the cotton you string around your grow.

But this morning when I went out, it was still dark when I infiltrated, and my dog did look back behiind her and was pulling on the lead, like there was something or someone lurking near where I infiltrate.

There could have been someone lurking looking to see which way I went, but problem for them is it was dark, and they could not have followed me.
Where I can operate in the bush at night without needing a torch, unless it's a really dark night with zero moon.

But anyway heaps of time till they are ready to harvest, so I don't have to worry about rippers stealing the vegging plants.

I mean kids will steal vegging plants and smoke the leaves, but kids don't venture this far, they stay near civilisation.

For growers it's harder to do countersurveillance on rippers, as we have to get work done when we are out there, where'as rippers can just spend time lying in wait for growers.

Always good, if you have the time, to employ the old special forces patrolling technique of stepping off the trail a bit and sitting down in a hidden position from where you can see the trail, and waiting to see if someone comes along following your trail.

But trail cams are the go, got to get a few more. Not just to set up at the grow, but to also set up on the trail to see who is wandering around.

The SAS has a saying, "he who has the intelligence shapes the alternatives".

So applied to growing, if you have intelligence that your plants have been found, you can dig them up, leaving as much soil around the root ball as possible, and planting them somewhere else. This works, but you must water the newly transplanted plants more often as they suddenly have a much smaller root mass than before.
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Visited patch 1 today which is a seed patch.

It has two female Critical Mass clones and one Mango clone, which I think is female but not totally sure yet.

I'm going to plant a male Mango there shortly.

This patch hasn't been watered for 12 days, but the plants looked health.

The soil in this patch is not very good, just powdery fine soil, but I added mushroom compost and normal compost plus perlite to the soil, and I think that's the reason they survived 12 days of hot weather without being watered.

I'ts all in the preparation.

Time spent preparing the soil means less trips you have to make in summer to water.

This is the two Critical Mass clones, they were topped once. On the far right is the Mango.

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This is patch 2. I watered them today, they hadn't been watered for 12 days.

There are three Mango plus one Critical Mass clone and one Afghan Kush.

Two of the Mango had a white pistil on them, so they are female. The third one I'm not sure yet.

Last time I was there I cut the four bottom branches of each plant for clones, so that's why their stems look a bit bare; in effect I lollipoped them.

I was going to pull up the Critical Mass clone as it had started to get flowers and it's growth had stalled, but I saw today it had grown, so even though it has some female flowers on it, it is still growing vegetavily, so I won't pull it up now.

Watered them today with the last of the water from the reservoir, so they are on their own now. Rainfall is forecast however.

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Looking excellent Lorax, they've come a long way already. All in the prep, words to live by ;)
I'm hoping you get all the rain you need for the whole grow.


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Looking excellent Lorax, they've come a long way already. All in the prep, words to live by ;)
I'm hoping you get all the rain you need for the whole grow.
plants are looking very happy. you are totally right it is all in the prep.

That mulch is pretty obvious from above, can you cover it with some moldy leaves?


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Another stealthy one, good catch.
Old indoor guys like me don't notice stuff like that ;) it's either the vision or the lack of walls lol


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The pheno of Critical Mass I'm using is the one I selected for indoor growing, as it was short and squat and budded up well.

For outdoor growing I would have selected one of the taller pheno's.

But they are doing ok.

I have decided not to make patch 1 a seed patch, as I can't pass up the buds on those Critical Mass there, so I will go there tomorrow and plant another two Critical Mass clones.

I will have to make up a seed patch somewhere else, with the male Mango clone I have and also one of the Critical Mass clones I have indoors.

This is the rootball of a Critical Mass clone grown in a forestry tube. Forestry tubes are designed to stop root circling and to make the roots grow downwards.
But you also get phenomenal sideways root growth from forestry tubes when you put them in the ground.

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Visited patch 1 this morning, and watered them. Running out of water in the reservoir.

The older Critical Mass clones are starting to flower, though its mid summer.



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A week ago I also planted 4 new Critical Mass clones; they have grown a bit, and should be an ok size at harvest.



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Usually most things start flowering end of January here, but this pheno of Critical Mass is an early flowerer, I noticed that indoors.

It may lean towards the Afghani in it's heritage a bit.

Probably one of those plants that will flower when the days are still quite long.

Going to check patch 4 tomorrow; haven't watered it for a while, although it did rain once during that time.

Critical Mass seems a pretty drought resistant variety, we will see tomorrow how it survived the week long extreme heatwave.

Sometimes I imagine breeding a drought resistant plant, I have even thought of a name for it, "DroughtMaster"

I imagine one would have to start with landrace Afghani's, and maybe Morrocans, they grow in a dry climate over there.

Obviously they would have to be plants that stay short, as big plant's need a lot of water, whereas a small plant needs less.

They say in drought conditions, don't give too much Nitrogen, as you will get too much leaf growth, and the roots will not be able to provide the extra water that is needed to maintain the extra leaf growth.

Would be a complicated job though, as you would have to also maintain the genes for yield and potency, while selecting for drought resistance.
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Nice information on outdoor growing in the post Lorax. I wouldn't have made the nitrogen connection myself.
I used to grow pure afghani and they were plants you could abuse and they would keep on chugging for sure. If I had some left I would offer them :(


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Yes, some Afghani's would be good. My favourite smoke actually.

Checked patch 4 about a week ago, and watered them.

They had not been watered for 19 days, and it's been a succession of heatwaves.

But they were looking ok, but hadn't grown as much as I was hoping.

Partly due to lack of water, and partly due to the Critical Mass clones going into flower early. The few Critical Mass that I planted later then the others are actually significantly bigger than the early planted ones; I think because they went in when the days were longer so didn't stall.

This pheno of Critical Mass I'm growing needs to be planted when the days are longest, otherwise it will stall. The start of summer is actually b bit early to plant clones of this pheno, need to wait a couple of weeks into summer.

But I gave them a good watering, so I think they will have put on a growth spurt by the time I get to water them again.

Didn't take any pics as LEO was lurking and I didn't want to hang around; I ran the water pump at too high a speed so it was noisy, and sound carries a long way in the bush, and someone living some distance away had called LE, and they had gone into the bush following the sound of the water pump.

But the bush is really thick, and it is a hard job going cross country through that terrain, so they couldn't get to the spot easily. I have a secret trail to the spot so that's how I get there.

So I think LE has worked out it was a water pump, and someone is growing there, but I doubt they could find the grow on foot, the terrain is too rough and the bush too thick. My only problem is if they call in a helicopter. A helicopter would spot it.

I think I better water that patch using buckets next time.

Hoping for lots of rain so I can stay away from that patch.

All the other patches have no water left in their reservoirs, so it's up to raiinfall now.

Obviously what's needed for next year in a second water reservoir at those 3 patches that have water reservoirs. One 240 litre reservoir is not enough.

Patch 3 I haven't visited since the water reservoir ran out about a month ago.
I'm not going to that patch until a week after it rains heavily, whenever that will be.
No point going and checking on them now, there's nothing I can do to influence the outcome at that patch now.

But I have found that MJ is a hard plant to kill from lack of water; they just don't grow if there is no water, and remain stunted.

Check out the pics of plants growing in Morrocco without irrigation; at harvest they are smaller than knee height, and are just a single stem with a cola on top, and most of the leaves have yellowed and fallen off.

Anyway tomorrow I will go and water patch 4, and hope LE hasn't found it and ripped the plants. Will get some pics of the plants there tomorrow, if they are still there.

OPSEC is the keyword now that LE is sniffing around. I need to stay away from the area as much as possible, so as to not focus LE's attention on the area.


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Most important is to stay safe to grow another day.
Thanks for the update Lorax, always a pleasure reading about your grow.

LEO, such a bunch of killjoys. They need more Indica in their life!


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Yes, LEO need to get couchlocked, so we can then go about our business in peace.

Maybe I should leave an ounce of weed in a jar at the grow, with a note saying take this, and if you don't pull the plants up I will leave another ounce for you after harvest.

I know a lot of LE smoke, I have seen them. I also caught a LEO growing a plant in the bush.

Didn't water patch 4 today like I was going to, as ir rained overnight. I think about 15 millimetres, which is not soaking rain, but they will get a bit out of it.
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giving me flashbacks man! Last big outdoor guerilla grow I did years ago had a ton of CM. Same conditions, super dry season with hand watering. I used some crystals in the soil which helped but mostly had to backback gallons of water in. CM got huge, too big as near harvest some plants split their stalk. CM Usually finishes near the equinox ime or a little after. My last time gg = leo helicopter rippers...manged to pull maybe half the CM before they got the rest. It was a brutal end to a brutal season and the last time I did gg for commercial purposes. But hey its outdoor farming where 6 months of work can be gone in 6


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Haven't checked on any of the spots for a while, so I better get out there and see how things are going.

I think there may be a male Mango at patch 2, so I better get it before it starts pollinating.

I think it has probably already done a bit of pollinating, and I think the buds there are going to be lightly seeded, but that's ok, it''s good to have seeds on hand, and a few seeds don't affect the finished product.

Speaking of seeds, the Mango came from another seed company, and 5/10 germinated, and 0/10 of the KC Brains KC 33 germinated.

The seed company sent me a survey, and when I said in the survey most didn't germinate, they said they would send me some more, but tracking says they have been in customs for 3 weeks, so I think they have been seized.

Not to worry, it will only be my second seizure in too many seed orders to remember, going back to Heavens Stairway days.

Rained last night here, but I don't know how much it rained where my plants are, as they are about 30 km away.