Critical Mass fruity/berry/bubblegum pheno?


Hey there folks,

So it is clear that CM is very popular for its critical mass or big buds as it were. The yield ...

What I was wondering is if any of you have come across pheno-types with strong berry/bubblegum or other fruity/sweet flavors/aromas?

I know with some selection you can find a huge yielder. I know the effect is heavy on the indica etc. etc.

But looking for Bubblegum I was pointed to a comment made by Nevil where he said (paraphrasing):"try crossing CM with NL#5xSkunk#1, the results may burst a bubble".

In other words, CM is part of the ingredients of bubblegum.

As such, I assume that some phenos of CM should exhibit berry/bubblegum type of flavors/aromas.

Anyone ever run across such a thing?


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hello! yes there is a pheno in the CM that I found in canary islands that is very fruity and similar to bubblegum! huge producer! very rare! very very different from classical can find it in the stock of mr nice. you can also try the spanish stabilized and feminized version called critical + or channel+.
you can also make your own cross big bud/skunk1 and from the f2 finding the right pheno! :D


Hey bro, thanks for the feedback.

Yes that is what I am wondering though.
If I pop a pack or two of critical mass, can/should I already be on the lookout for a fruity/bubblegum/sweet pheno? Or should I look for a pheno with other desirable characteristics (potency, yield etc.), cross it with Nl#5xSkunk#1 and look for a "bubblegum pheno" in the f2s ...

If there are fruity/sweet/bubblegummy Critical Mass phenos, then I think it would be useful to cross such a pheno with a fruity/sweet NlxSkunk pheno.
Big Bud

The bubblegum and fruity flavors are the Big Bud in the plant coming out- Critical Mass is Big Bud- which has NL1 in it mated to a high yielding afghani and Sk#1- it was reworked by Shanti to add some punch to the yield and came out as Critical Mass.

It is in the strain description of CM

"A reworked excellent version of an old breed once known as Big Bud. "

My thoughts are the original "bubblegum" is a worked version of Big Bud that came out of the Indiana area in the mid-late 90's though I could be wrong...but I know for a fact "Big Bud" had a huge yield, a bubblegum aroma, and was not very potent.....until Shanti got hold of it :)


I remember the same about BigBud from the late 90's/early 2000's.

Never had one with bubblegum flavor though and was never aware that bubblegum flavors could be found in that line.

Decided to run both NL#5xSkunk and Critical Mass early on in my project though and will see what those lines hold and if I get lucky.

Since the NL#5xSkunk is reportedly very uniform and not much phenotypic variety is reported, I will run less than 10 of those for my first go around.

For the Critical Mass I am still undecided if I pop about 20 beans or about 10 and grow it alongside G13xSkunk and/or Medicine Man...

Decisions ... :D

Either way, hope to find bubblegum/fruity/berry flavors in both lines. I have some other Indica lines like Pakistan Chitral Kush for example and could also run the Nordles I got.

But I recently decided that I will just put a premium on flavor and taste, no matter what the strain. Potency and effect will be second and everything else like vigor, resistance to negative factors, ease of growing and of course yield will come way down the list.

So wish me luck in finding some tasty phenos in Critical Mass (and others). Will report if/when I do.

Indeed I wish you the best of luck- I love the Critical Mass line hence my username- To date it has been the most fantastic line I have grown. :)