Critical Mass 4:20 project



Tit For Tit

i have noticed most in this forum grow organic. I hope you don't mind a rockwool grow.
I don't mind a rockwool grow if you don't mind an organic what you do best...jay:)


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thanx jay

This my first grow in 5yrs. And I am so happy to have found this fourum and Shanti. I hope this of many grow diaries. I have a pack of SSH and EH just calling my name but they will have to wait for the CM.



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keep your pens calibrated bois

Late last night I realized my ph indicator liquid was different then my ph pen. Beginer mistake. Well today I ran out n got calibrating liquid n sure enough my pen read 7.8 so I was way off. Glad I bought the indicator n pen @ same time. But mistakes like that I canot afford. But alls well that ends well



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nice to see a hydroponic grow now and then i started hydro but whent to coco becouse its more forgiven in my opinion. Anyway good luke with your grow raydiator hope all go good for u.


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For any hydro Bois n Girls

I should mention my rez is kept at 68F
Ph 5.3-5.6
EC 1.6-1.8
With full streangth lucus formula General hydroponics
Hardwater Micro 8 mil per gal
FloraBloom 16 mil per gal
I also use floralicious bloom and plus