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Perhaps with Nordle being an f4 or f5 inbred line you needed to grow out more plants to select an outstanding pheno , Colorado. ? Just a thought as I'd imagine there is far less variation in a pack of Nordle than in an F1 hybrid like Critical Mass. Cheers mate and your Grape Stomper looks delicious.


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Yes I thought that maybe if I had started more than 4 seeds and had more than 3 females then I could have found a better pheno but being an inbred line I would expect it to be easier to find a high quality phenos than an F1 but maybe I am wrong. I had skunk #1 from the sensi seed bank about 1992 and it was way better and easier to find a good pheno than this Nordle. So that skunk 1 is my comparison for this.


It was the overall lack of smell and flavor. They each had a different distinct smell but it wasn't very strong as far as smelling up a room when opening a jar. There was one fruity berry pheno that had a pleasant but weak smell and the other 2 were just a faint musky scent that was barely noticeable and the smoking flavor was just harsh and flavorless. There is a buzz but it's not overpowering. The other stains I had right next to these had very strong smells and flavors. Nobody wants this stuff and I can't get rid of it. The buds are dense but not super sticky or super stinky. Sorry but I have to call it how I see it and smell it and feel it. I immediately killed every cutting I had of this because there was no doubt that I wouldn't need them.
Thanks for your opinion Colorado
Sometimes a strain for whatever the reason just doesn,t hit the mark
When you have other proven plants to compare ie the grape stomper(with all its variables that you like) you have a good baseline to judge other genetics
and give an unbiased account, which you have done.
It could be the numbers game on this one too Colorado,maybe a second run out of the pack in a quiet corner of your grow space?
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just finished some nordle. I am not sure what is up, but every girl accept one looked just like our old 91 ss that died about eight years ago. The one looked like med man to be honest. strong as hell across the board. Maybe it was the food? hope you get better results on your next adventure.