Cambodia bagseed 2021


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Its a Little while since i updated. Been away a wk or so and drier weather has brought red spider mites to the limey plant in the compost. Those unforgettable spots on the leaves are so familiar in a deadly way.

I managed to find neem oil and eucalytypus oil so ive mixed the 2 with water and am spraying the plant morning and evening, doing my best to clean the underside of the leaves. The regimen has begun. Im Wondering if teatree oil may also be effective against spider mites or other pests?

The buds are getting along a bit. I harvested 20+ seed from brown calyxes in the lower portion.

The tops are beginning to look more full, but could perhaps still last until the new year.

I skinned and smashed up some aloe vera into a pulp and added it to a watering can. I heard somewhere about it aiding a plants immune response. Can't remember the technicalities, but im giving it a whirl. Gotta improvise a bit.