Broseidons Critical Mass D - what y'all think?


So this is a double post of sorts since I already posted this in Broseidon's Corner in the Indoor section.

But I thought I put some info into the Strain Base and see what people think of my pheno.

Without further ado, here she is at ~42 days:

The top suffered a bit from heat as it got too close to the lamp.
Hope it bounces back after correction.

The plant is particularly noteworthy for the pistills explosion during mid-flower. It was looking completely white compared to the other plants because it was so densely covered in pistils that almost no calyxes showed through.
It has since put on frost and remains one of the whitest plants in the garden but also has a "rusty" tint to it due to the browning hairs/pistils now and the calyxes are showing through more now that some pistils are wilting away/turning brown/orange so it is no longer "the whitest".
The C99 overtook it in terms of laying on the resin but it still looks comparably "whiter" overall due to remaining pistil coverage.

The smell has a pronounced Menthol layer to it with fruity undertones, possibly something berry like. Will see what transpires in the coming weeks and after chop and cure.

Some of the lower bud-sites have a slight purple hint around the edges of their top-most leafs. Not sure how much of that is nute deficiency and how much is due to cold temps (sub 20°C for the most part).

Anyway, any comments, infos, experiences are welcome.

Really curious to know for example if this is a known pheno that others have discovered or that is "common in every pack" because I obviously am hoping I found something special here.
It does look like it to me, at least I didn't find any "white" Critical Mass phenos when doing research on the strain. Nothing looked like the CM D I posted here.
So would really love to hear from someone who discovered her before if possible :D

Or maybe Shanti could chime in? Ah man is probably too busy.

Stay frosty Bros and Brodettes


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Didn't I see these... naw

Hey brah not Shanti but it be looking good. Are you happy? Hehehe :)
Keep in happenin' braddah

Aloha nui


How did she turn out? Very nice lookin plant & ud there bra.

I gotta look through my bean boxes. I got some C Mass from Seedsman a while back, you made me wanna do her another turn in a grow. If I remember right, she was a very good med.

Nordle was real good as well.



Hey Bro!

She turned out quite nice.

Not a holy grail type in my case but very solid indica effect and a joy to grow and trim (!!!).
The trim was a real pleasure with this one, very easy, very dense and compact buds.

While trimming her I kept thinking "maybe they don't even call her a cash crop for the weight but for the ease of trimming!". Ha :D

Anyway, she also had the most pronounced aroma straight after hang drying and the cure didn't do much to change it. Straight out the gate it had this acrid berry aroma while the other strains still needed quite a bit of cure to "get there".

Consequently, the CM jar was the first to go empty. I have a hand full of buds left over after recently working my way through the top bud :D

She was definitely one of the top plants from that round.
Not sure if you noticed elsewhere but I had a fungus gnat infestation and some trouble with it which is why I may not save any clones and have to restart but it was definitely a potential keeper.

But no holy grail for me as I was not taken aback or had my mind blown by the potency/effect of any of the plants.

Did have a few "weak" plants (the C99s from peak) in that round and the CM was definitely among the most potent in that round. Still nothing that blew me away and therefore I would continue searching.

But CM as a seedline had not at all peaked my interest during my research. Now after growing 5 of them (and flowering out the 1 lady), I am quite convinced that this is an excellent seedline, particularly regarding vigor, growth structure and bud density.

Effect wise I would call her solid but not mind-blowing.

Stay frosty Bros