best strain(s) to choose for pain

which strain is best for cancer pain ?

  • ASH

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  • Critical Mass

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  • Medecine Man

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • Ortega

    Votes: 4 66.7%
  • Shark shock

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Hello mr nice fellows, sorry for my bad english, it has been a long time, il would like to ask some help please to choose a strain for cancer pain, im looking for the stongest pain killer stain i can grow, the closest to opioid.
i have some mr nice strain list i made but i dont know the best one to choose so i ask your help please.
thank you very much,

Take care



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I'd probably go with NL#5 x Afghan myself, to this day I haven't had weed put me to sleep like that shit. I'm going to have to pop a pack of them beans next. :D
NL5xAfghan or Nordle also.

But whatever the strain, only medicate using extract/concentrate pills or heavy tincture.

For real intense pains, smoking and/or vaping is too weak.

Good luck.

Big Sur

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Have not grown or smoked any of those, but for pain I bet Ortega would be good. It will knock you out though. I like Northern Lights and GDP for pain at night, and Jack Herer, Original White Widow (Black Widow now) and Durban Poison during the day for pain, along with high CBD strains like Sour Tsunami and AC/DC. Also CBD pills. I take 15mg pure CBD oil pills 3x a day. It helps a lot. Taking this much CBD also cuts down on the high from high THC strains. So I can smoke a lot more bud than normal. THC also activates and intensifies the CBD pain relief effect.

Some have told me that Alaska Thunderfuck is the best thing for their chronic pain, and others say that AK-47 is the best. I am looking for a good cut or seeds of original ATF, but I have not found any. I found a clone of Jack Herer last year, and that is the ticket for daytime smoke. Super Silver Haze should have about the same effect as JH, as it has the same genetics.


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I definitely agree with the edibles, you eat enough you're practically drooling all over yourself. Lol, it's definitely a lot stronger than smoking, a little too strong for me, at least when I have shit to do. Lol


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Aloha Gizmo, good to have you back!

I haven’t voted but I would reach for NL5xAfghan, Ortega. Outside of your poll, consider CBD MediHaze, CBD Shark Shock. I get good feedback on all, in oil, topical and tincture form. Some post-benzo and post-morphine patients really like the strength of NL5xAfghan in capsule (oil) form. Ingestion causes delta-9 THC to be metabolized into 11-hydroxy-THC which is stronger and longer lasting. I’ve had some clients wake up in the morning disoriented from a heavy dose of this efficacious medicine. I use tinctures as a way to microdose- I can better control my dosing. CBD MediHaze in the daytime works well. The Ortega/ACDC cross I did works very well but I have not tested it. It, as well as the CBD MediHaze will still put your lights out if you do too much.

Hi Gizmo.
Mate, I notice that the strains you are asking about there are THC strains.
Can I ask is your care palliative?
Your condition may change your approach a bit.
If you are in treatment you may want to try chlorofyl shots from immature leaf.
The cannabinoid is still only CBG and has really positive effects on immunity.
Nl/af is a good thc strain from MNS.
Good luck


Kia Ora Gizmo,

Are you currently doing chemotherapy ? I've had cancer twice in the past 2 years and finished a course of chemotherapy a few months back, if your currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment you should consult your doctor before taking edibles.

Edibles can mess with the levels of chemotherapy drug in your liver, it depends on what chemotherapy drugs there using to treat you so you need to ask if your considering using edibles and are undergoing chemotherapy.

Vaping or smoking is fine it doesn't interact with the liver the same way edibles do.

I think you want something pretty intoxicating for cancer, I myself like sativa highs and that works for me it distracts my mind and I can focus on something else but no good for going to sleep :D

I've heard great things about both Ortega and NL5xAfghan intoxicating opiate type high, could you grow both :D ?
As someone who has grown all but Critical Mass

Ortega was good for sleep didn’t help pain

Shark increased the pain which surprised but the Skunk Sativa aspect shined through in the smoke but very different than that indica looks it had

Nl5xAfg did not impress me in the smoke department but I also understand I am one of the very few who didn’t like it

Nordle was excellent for pain, easy to grow and helped a lot

ASH was also excellent as it provided that solid Afghan body relief with a very euphoric head buzz

You got to sample around

CBD strains don’t seem to help with my pain but excellent for anxiety