Beginners guide to taking a cutting

glad to hear you had good cloneing results :)

as for cutting lower branches and how far up to go ,,,,, depends on your light if you ask me , a 1000 should hit the lower branches better then a 400 , so thats all up to your set up i would say

some old school growers would tell you keep the seed plant as a mom or if you had to the first gen clone , but other growers will tell you just clone your clone each time

i like to keep the seed plant as mom for a year or so then flower her out keeping one of her clones as the new mom and so on and so on

in the past ive regularilly kept a single mom for 3 and 4 years without seeing any ill effects

peace and happy new year :cool:
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...All the clones apart from one (stem went limp and didn't root) are now rooted and in pots, even the one I had to re-cut/dip in gel survived! So in total 15/16 with my first go!...
Congrats man. With that success rate, just keep cloning like you're doing. No need to read any books on cloning IMO. Save your time and money. You can clone now as your results clearly indicate, so that's really good man. ;)

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Any size but the larger they are the easier they will make the transition when transplanted.



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Hello All!

I was given my first two cuttings ever recently and did not know what to do with them. Both were starting to flower. Not buds, little buttons on top with 30-40 white pistils. As I knew nothing, I Googled it. Said cuttings will do best around 6-7 inches. As each cutting was close to 2 feet in length, I cut each one into 3 parts. Now I had 6 cuttings and all are now growing. The 2 with the flower buttons, after a month of nothing, started flowering again! The other 4 started growing again after a month but started growing as regular plants. Not flowering. Huh? It also said don't take cutting during flowering. Too late now!

This summer of my 2nd grow sure has been a learning experience! Been meeting a lot of nice people too! 😁 So glad I joined this site!!!



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yes it's really fragile I have one that has lost it's new roots, I redid the cut and I put it back in the water, the other is replanted.

I also read that it was better not to make cuttings with buds already started but as it is all that I have, I do the test for the experience.
this year is also a learning year for me, next year should be really better if I don't reproduce my mistakes.



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Easiest way to take a cutting, that I’ve seen.. snap/split branch, leaving a little intact, allowing plant to keep alive and heal..soil and cover snap/split, wait until roots are growing, cut off your clone...