Australian Bush Weed Origin - Sativa thats for sure

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Hello Shantibaba and Mr Nice,

As usual , we ran low on supply so we went down to Nimbin to get the old faithful Bush Weed. It had some seeds in this lot of bud.

So around mid October I planted 2 of the 5 seeds, and with luck, they were bot females, but the girls took their time to show sex, Its now May, the smaller plant ( cant upload for the next 2 days) she is a bit different but still Sativa, they had super long thin leaves.

I am curious of the origins of the Bush Weed, i assume it has been in the Nimbin area since the Aquarius Festival. The smaller plant is more advanced the other she has been through the wars - buds spider mite and a fungus which attacked the leaves.

Thank you Mr Shantibaba and Mr Nice
Hi Smokey. When the hydro hit Australia mainstream in the 90s a lot of people started planting the odd seed they would find in their bags. These seeds most likely were not from male pollen, but from self pollination hence no x chromosome. Hence 99 percent female traits from seed . Possibly the reason both your plants appear to be female. This ultimately led to the vast proliferation of superior genetics as happened in Amsterdam after most seedbanks chose profit over quality turning to so called feminised seeds. We used to call them down syndrome seeds long before Dutch passion started selling them . I would be surprised if you were able to find any old genetics in a bag of bushweed from Nimbin ,but I do know like Scotty some people around there and further north have preserved the old genetics, so it's possible. Thank God with legalization in North America people have gotten smarter in the last ten years and shifted from feminised seed. The other bonus has been no more greenhouse trolls etc etc people are finally cottoning on to the bullshit. If you want an old sativa I can recommend la Nina or ssh or mango haze. Haven't tried nevs or the critical or the Afghan. But anything from Mr Nice will be legit in genetics not just in the name.


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Which one is better to try as the first one la Nina,, ssh or mango haze?
Hey guys, when it comes to SSH and Mango haze, its up to personal preference
With the SSH you get the more typical lemon/fuel flavours Known to the Haze can get some nice spicy phenos with that old soap type aftertaste, however this is a rarer pheno.
When it comes to Mango Haze it's all about smell and flavour.
You will get some similar phenos to the SSH, but with a sweeter edge
The QLD pheno as I call it, it smells and tastes like my favourite strain from QLD from the 80,s called Mango Heads, there were many mango Heads going around, but this was a particular strain, must of been a crew growing it.
Pure mango bliss, anyway the QLD pheno of the MH is pure bliss, goes around 10+ weeks
Very Foxtail bud structure, but the foxtails are solid, with large thick calyx formations covered in trichomes.
The yeild is small, and she is a beast, easiest to grow from clone straight into 12/12.
The SSH and Mango have similar effects, however they unique to each other.
When it comes to la Nina, thats a whole different story.
Grows like Haze, some Phenos are extremely wispy
The flavours and effects offered by this strain are amazing.
This is easily my favourite Mr Nice line
It is a little harder to dial in, but well worth it!!!
Most phenos seem to elongate sideways when put into flower, a few will however shoot up
This is one of those hybrids that just gell
Both parents representive, but the hybrid offers new flavours and effects
The quality is amazing
Many spicey , tangy and spice/fruit scents and flavours, reminds me of some old Aussie bush weed
If you haven't much experience, I would go with the SSH
A few phenos but you'll love them all👽


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excellent read sensient. how's the freakshow?

3 good threads to compare:


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excellent read sensient. how's the freakshow?

3 good threads to compare:
Hey mate
Freakshow project going well
Still sourcing more seed, planning on having a good play around with the Freakshow
Cheers. S


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I’ve found La Niña easiest to grow. tasty plants. But nothing tastes like mango from what I’ve grown (from these three.. nothing taste like critical skunk (garlic bud) from what I’ve grown.. special mention to grail widow) Effects? Im not the one to elaborate on that, I smoke too much. If I’m honest, I’m after taste over effect, as I know with how I smoke effects will come, saying that the right pheno surpasses what I’m saying, cs and grail have the best smell taste and effect.. But I’m at work after four breaky bongs of g13skunk or mango haze or whatever the jars offer on a particular day.. Only difference to me will be hazes will have me working as soon as I get there, g13 affys will have me walking around wondering how the fook I’m going to get all that work done.
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