aussie bush growin goodness!

King Tubby

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hello good people, ive been meaning to do a little thread for a while, was too busy last time but will have more chances to get some piccys up this time round... got a nice little line up of mr nice seeds and a couple local strains that have been around a while..
Black widow, Nevilles haze, Mango haze and a local i call crystal, and st patrick

had good results from neville, widow and critical mass and haze. Crystal strain also good stuff, should get a few monsters this year! :)
will get piccys soon stay tuned peeps


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Yeah mate try resizing them to around 600 x 600 or there abouts. The site seems to struggle with large files atmo.
If they are a couple of hundred kbytes should be good. Upload to your album and then cut and paste the BB code from the pic you want into the thread.
Hope this helps


Mothership Connection
I can never get pictures to upload. I just use a hosting site and then copy paste the image code to my post. Kind of a pain, but gets the job done.

Would love to see some outdoor shots.....


King Tubby

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Hey could someone steer me in the direction of shanti in regards to getting 'the doors' for sale on auction or buy it now? Should I just shoot him a message or something, got some ssh babies going at the moment as well.. post some pics soon.