Are there cleanable air stones or bubbliers?


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I bubble my nute mix constantly since it has beneficials in it and my airstones get clogged up in a short time.
Are there cleanable air stones or would moving the nutrient solution with a pump keep bennies alive?


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The Hydrofarm ASCL Large Active Aqua Air Stone Cylinder puts out lots of bubbles and cleans easily. I've used it in hydro res for years going 24/7.
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Air stones work best in clean pure water bubble rooters. Once you add nutrients or fertilizers to the water, the water microbes will grow fast and they will clog up with algae.

I use hot tub chlorine to clean mine between rooting clones. Scrubbing will tend to break off and wear the rather fragile stones.


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Thanks for the suggestions.
I started using beneficials with every feeding and it seems to produce healthier plants.

I need to keep a record of ph using beneficial but it seems that once solution starts foaming ph goes to 6.5-6.8 which makes me wonder if beneficials control ph in any way or if they prefer a ph of 6.5-6.8.