Angel's Breath


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Strain: Mr. Nice Angel's Breath
Growth: 4'.5" in 5 gallon pot topped once
Nutes: Supersoil, Humboldt Honey, Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Bloom Tea and Organic B
Yield: 3.25 32 mason jars
Bag Appeal: Hairy Monster
Smell: First harvested I smelled roasted garlic. Now after a week in the jar It's changed to a fruity smell.
Taste: Savory. Like garlic, savory meat dish. Made me smack my lips to place the savory taste.
The High: Head. Had me introspective. Had a one on one with myself while I was moving about. Had energy at the start then munchies then had me sleepy. I couldn't keep my head up.



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Welcome to the forum

great show :D

I have got this strain in the frig. and haven't got to it yet. So what? thumbs up or down? how does it compare to others things you have grown?

Anyway, thanks for the pictures, I always like someone introducing themselves with their work.:) I hope you will elaborate more and evaluate this strain. Did you have other plants or is this the only plant you grew or best plant you found?


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Good Job

Good job, thanks for the review. How long did you veg? I haven't tried this strain, have it in storage, but only have a 3'.5" height to grow it. How soon would you suggest I flower to keep it in my height requirement?


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ANGELS BREATH 8 WEEKS some amber burnt her leaves bad with hot soil didnt hurt flowers or slow her up at all plump buds smells like ripe mangos taste


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i Love the flavor

I germed a whole pack and kept the strongest growing plant that was female . . .

It was more potent than the 'super duper' stuff that was being marketed as top shelf in major cities in my state


it was among the most flavorful plants I have tasted . . . these were grown with some critical haze that we almost equally as potent, but lacked the vigor of the chosen angel's breathe mother . . .

word of caution - this is a Haze hybrid and it will stretch through the roof . . . it took an entire year of taking clones before I could get a cut to not stretch to over 6 feet tall even with no vegetative growth start . . . as soon as they had roots they went into 12/12

the smell was sweet and skunky (not nearly as skunky as the critical haze). the critical haze Did have a stronger smell (but not by much). both strains need odor control or the Entire Neighborhood will know what's up . . .

these also went long . . . the first ones were taken at 16 weeks (had to cut on them to make them fit the cab) and could have gone longer . . . by the time the growth fit in the cab I was taking them at 10 to 12 weeks. with better control of conditions and nutrients top shelf bud was available at 10 weeks, but at 12 you had a personal head stash that made the market of no use to you . . . at all . . .

the yield was on par for the wattage of light employed ~ 270 watts (mostly led with fluoro side lighting) yield about 1 & 1/4 to 1 & 1/2 oz. every 5 or 6 weeks (that was final yield but some was taken during flowering) . . .

they were grown direct water culture in ~3 gal. buckets with 1 general hydroponics dual diaphragm pump per 2 buckets and using ~ 1/4 teaspoon of dry general hydroponics nutrients per bucket per water change (2 or 3 times per flower cycle) and only adding fresh water back for the last month . . .

miss this one already . . . it is a Must Try strain