AHxAS as well


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Along with my two Mango Widows i have 1 ASH female in Homebox S under 250W MH, later 250W Hps.
12/12 from seed, 6l final pot.
I love this girl, her stature, her smell..

Here are few pics from day 18 - 19 of flowering:



leather, wips,chains all at your disposal:D

some fantastic skills you have there

great job



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Its nice to see AHAS growing along with the MWidows , I 've only heard great things about this hybrid , it will be very interesting to watch your 12/12 from seed grow on those , btw it seems a fast high yielding plant

great job again
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something went wrong..

I am sorry to say, but something strange happened.
Up to day 30-35 of flower everything was OK, but then this plant stopped flowering/growing and generally seemed not to be happy.. dont know why, probably ph issue (no ph-meter here), but at the same time my mangowidows were and still are doing nice...?
So i decided to chop this lady today and make more room for cheesberryhaze whitch is a monster.

here are some pics from today - and this is actually how this plant looked a month ago:

and guardien of my plants:

(10 weeks old Mazar)

I have to say that when i was testing a quick-dried bud of this plant i was amazed by its potency. Taste was poor of course, but i was really wrecked.
How good will be properly grown one is a question ....to be answered soon!
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