Ahead of schedule and under budget


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Also interested how your getting on with this :)

last pic says 76xmazar? sounds interesting

Thanks for sharing (y)


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Hey @acrid, it's been 4 weeks now. How are them fat leaves coming along?

Well, that particular plant was an indoor that got cloned, and smoked.
Real heavy smoke that just kinda hung around for hours.
Flavor got better with every toke and right down to the end.
Greasy resin, leaving you lick your lips (but not in a anxious way)
Taste brought me back to childhood, sneaking a dry puff from my parents pipe.
It's by far the old school'est herb I've ever personally laid hands on and so far
my favorite. I'm glad you asked!

Here's one of the cuts I've got growing outside



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mazar i sharif (the princes tomb)
Back in the day it was a well known afghani strain (actually province).
Been there, but I prefer the kandahar cherry pheno of afghani.
Holy fuck I would kill for some of the hash I managed to get for $20 US a kilo when I was there.
They called it 'cream' (actually, the top skim of camels milk, translated).
I strongly suspect that mazar i sharif is where Tom Hill got his 'Deep Chunk' strain from.
Even if you end up not liking it, keep clones. it's excellent breeding material and lots of people would like it to keep a huge sativa in check for both size and flowering times.