afghan haze genetic question


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Does anyone know if the haze parent for afghan haze is the same as La nina? Or possibly the same genetics but a sibling instead? I'm not sure it matters for my purposes. I was starting to read up on crossing but stopped when I couldn't find a reliable MM cross.

I just found a keeper La Nina. Long story short I know what caught my eye was from the haze side. In my research I found out shanti crossed BW with a haze he considers to have origins of Thai/Columbia but OTHERS called it mullumbimby madness. I've been looking for a cross with the MM as a parent so I could cross it with La nina. All I could find was a bogus site.

Now I'm looking at the 3 different strains I ALREADY have but yet to try. One of which is Afghan Haze. And just noticed that the haze parent is described as origins of Thai/Columbia. Now I'm wondering if this parent OTHERS would ALSO consider to be MM?

I could have what I'm looking for in my refrigerator right now. I know it helped me decide which one I'm going with :)

Any info is better than no info thanks