Adding Distillate to Whole Plant Extract


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I know that whole plant is preferable

I bought some CBD distillate and was hoping I could ad it to who”e plant tincture to ensure an entourage effect

Is this possible?

I have a few pure CBD plants going that I am gonna going to mix with high THC to make 2 different ratios


Pure CBD plants stop a panic attack in minutes for me

I do love a 1:1 when I am feeling better and need to lower the stress a bit ...uplo
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Hey curious!

As long as the CBD and thc products are able to mix, theyll be great. We make and sell several tinctures and vapes that have a blend of CBD and THC for patients here.

Edit to add - many tinctures are made using distillate.


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Hi All

we do extractions of biomass and refer to the initial extraction as Crude....which is usually in the 50 to 65% concentration of Cannabinoids/terpenes etc(full spectrum). Once you winterize(filter out fats and lipids etc) it and decarboxylate(activate the acid form to active form) this material we call it Distillate and it is usually at 70 to 90% in concentration of cannabinoids. Distillate has reduced terpenes due to processing, but it is still fine. Once you go from Distillate to single compound Isolate, (99.6%) you obviously only have CBD in powder or crystal form without anything else.This we refer to as Single Spectrum.

So if things are done well from the beginning you will be fine to mix, but isolate is only really beneficial when you need to bump up the CBD concentration in an already full spectrum keep that in mind. Also it will need low heat and light agitation to blend the materials well together....Working from lab data means you would be able to predict the products values correctly.

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Excellent information. Just excellent. It is good to have you back in the conversation SB. Much respect.


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I buy and use CBD isolate crystals from a place in Colorado to bump up the CBD in my creams and salves that I make blended with hash oil extractions from my mj plants. This is mainly because until lately I have not had any high CBD hemp to grow and extract CBD oil from. That has changed recently with my locating and procuring several high CBD hemp strains from Canada and the US Midwest. Hemp beans are grown and sold in a completely different market than Mj here in the states, and are typically much harder to get. Especially high CBD strains. This is changing rapidly now that hemp is legal in the US at the Federal level. But it is still hard to find good strains with really high CBD levels (15%+) that are not feminized. Here in Oregon, all cuts (called plugs) and 99% of hemp seeds sold for CBD production on a large scale (like 2000 plants per acre) are feminized. Fem plants dominate the CBD hemp markets.

At any rate, the CBD isolate dissolves readily in the wax and oils that I use for my salves. Those being coconut oil, shea butter, bees wax and cocoa butter. The terpenes are lost in the oils and butters, so that is not an issue for me. Pure isolate is fine.
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I have noticed if I use a straight distillate CBD tincture even ones sold at dispensary I get an upset stomach

I noticed that when I would use trim infused MCT from whole plant or even add 25% whole plant CBD (Candida)...I don’t feel sick at all and need less

My distillate is 80% CBD
.39% CBN
5.33% THC
.83% CBG
3.87% CBC

Terpenes: .25% a-bisobolol, .11% guaiol, .16% b caryo0hyllene and.03% a-humulene