48 big crits


Everything trucking along.

I checked the remaining seedlings and clones in veg the other day and made a discovery I am quite happy about:
One of the female seedlings in veg has strongly pronounced pink stigmas!

So I would say it is highly likely that this pheno will turn purple in flower.
Quite excited. Unfortunately can't flower it this round anymore but I will clone it and flower it next round.

Anyone ever heard of a purple/pink pheno of critical mass?


Another quick update:
I recently plucked off all yellow growth and lower growth as well as the most massive/annoying fan leafs.

I then top-dressed the plants in flower with a generous amount of EWC, sowed clover seeds (probably a bit too much, mustve been like 100+ seeds per pot) and then introduced worms. I meant to add 5-10 worms per pot but must have added 20+ to some ...

I ran out of worms after the main chamber was done and left the plants in the small chamber without worms and EWC for a week.
The difference was astonishing. The top-dressed and wormed plants looked amazing, while the others looked deficient and droopy.
I have since top-dressed the ones in the small chamber as well. Didn't have any worms left safe for the few in the EWC but the plants seem to have taken the top-dress and clover seeds quite well.

After 2 weeks in flower, one of which the main chamber plants were top-dressed and wormed, things look extremely .... Gucci :D

I am actually quite proud and might lift my picture moratorium. This stuff is too pretty not to share. So maybe in a few weeks I will. We are now entering week 3 of flower and the girls look amazing. It is going to be a lot of bud though, when I harvest the second run of CM from clone, I will probably have to make a decision about all the bud. It will be too much, I can tell already.

My favorite solution currently is to only dry and trim the main colas and freeze all the remaining bud fresh and turn it into bubblehash which I can then store for quite a while without losing quality.

In veg I transplanted the poor, sad looking clones into 1 galon pots (they were in nursery pots for more than a month and were quite root bound and sad...). I plan to give them up to a week to bounce back from the previous ordeal and then start training and topping them.
4 plants had to go into 3 gallon pots because they were rootbound in 1 gallon pots. They will also be given a few days to bounce back and look healthy again, then they will be cloned, topped, trained.

So I currently have 20 clones of the currently flowering 21 females veging (I killed 1 by accident...). Added to that are 6 females (2 in 1 gallon, 4 in 3 gallon pots) that I haven't flowered yet. Actually 2 of them have pink stigmas, not just the one. Might be from cold stress and being rootbound but I am hoping they will purple in flower.

After harvesting I will likely flower the 6 unflowered ones along with 16 clones of the plants that performed best in the current run (without having tested the bud yet ...).

So yeah, things are moving along and looking quite Gucci. Looks like I will have a bountiful harvest and the only question remaining is what the quality will be like and which phenos I will find and which plant(s) will be the keeper(s).

Harvest should be around new year's. With curing and sampling, I will probably have to wait till mid/late january.


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Glad for your success brah. I really enjoyed the CM grow, some beautiful plants were found. Really a very fun grow! I initially judged this variety to be a yielder at the expense of potency. I was wrong.
Excellent medicine here; besides hash for storage why not throw some buds into high proof alcohol and/or glycerin for tincture? While you at it, make some canna butter for cooking, baking and salves.

Cool runnin


Yeah I was planning on about 70/30 hash/cannabutter.

Have not made alcohol extraction, tinctures or the like.

I didn't particularly like the taste of coconut in my baked goods so I won't do coco oil again.
Probably Ghee or straight butter this time. Maybe olive oil.

Currently debating what strain to grow after running the CM ladies from clone a second round (and flowering the hand full that didn't have room this round).

I think I will look into the Chemdawg genetics and give Ace a real try this time. Probably my last chance before I get lost in the Mango and Nevilles Haze beans I have calling my name. More than 100 seeds between MH, MH IBL, SSH, La Nina, Angel's Breath and NH. They are definitely up soon as well.


Real pretty and real fatty.

I snapped a pic on a shitty cam I had lying around. Gonna try and find my good cam though, the shitty cam doesn't do justice.

Had to take them out of the flowering chamber to give them some aerated compost tea (malted barley and molasses). A few of them were a bit floppy and one bud already turned over. I started to tie them to the bamboo sticks I inserted at the start of flower near their stem but some of them got too tall to tie to the sticks. So I will have to tie them to the wall or something later on.

Mind you there is not a brown hair on them yet, they are entering the home stretch of the last 2-3 weeks now and are already as fat as my last round was at the end of flower. And all covered in white stigmas and have reeeeally started to lay on the frost in the last week or so.

Again, the fact that they are 2-3 weeks out is astonishing to me. They look "done" in terms of frost and bud size/bud coverage.
But they are only just starting to pack on the weight I feel and already some buds are turning over.

I think the fact that I didn't run a fan in veg to strengthen their stalks is really coming back to bite me in the butt right now ...
It's too late to install a trellis net as well ...

But I think it is just a few phenos that are both a bit floppy but also packing on the weight sth fierce.

The pheno that looks like a winner at the moment, the one that I assume leans heavily to the afghan side, is completely stable for example, no floppiness or anything and likely will yield even more than the tallest plant.
It's just considerably "fatter".

If you see it, you would say it is just a faster finishing pheno and is simply a week ahead in flowering so to speak.
But no, it is just as white, not a brown hair in sight.

Really looking forward to the smells that will come out in the coming weeks.
Hope the compost tea positively influences those.

I also fixed the N-deficiency in the veg chamber.
I didn't have any EWC left to top dress, like I did in flower.
So I just used my current soil mix (which already had more bloodmeal pellets and EWC than my previous, N-deficient, soil mix), mixed some additional bloodmeal pellets into it and top-dressed that.
The plants have considerably improved since then and where there were still some sickly looking leafs (particularly among the clones) they are now all looking really great and growing very nice. Just hope the soil will not become too high in N once the bloodmeal pellets are completely dissolved... Right now the plants seem to have just the slightest hint of a burned tip on their big fan leafs which I would interpret as the sweet spot of maximum fertilizer but any more would be too much? Right now the soil seems very well balanced to me, let's hope it stays that way.
The worms really worked wonders.

Things are really coming together for me at the moment.

The conclusion of this grow will mark the first time I ran at somewhat full capacity and everything went well and I can't wait to enjoy the fruits of my labor :D

It will also be the first time I successfuly topped, cloned and transitioned from one round of flowering into the next without a hitch (well that part still has to go through but it looks like everything will go without a hitch).

Can't wait to see how the no-till soil performs after the first harvest and inserting the new clones. Also am curious to find out if the phenos that had purpling stigmas in veg only had those due to stress (cold) or will actually turn purple in flower.

For now, stay frosty my friends.

Broseidon out


Can't find the good cam...

Decided to upload a taste for you Bros and Brodettes, even with the bad cam ;)

On the right front, you have the Afghan dominant pheno with the dark and fat leafs. A bit to the left, the very tall one is the most skunk leaning pheno (I suppose). Lightest leaf color, tallest plant by far.
Made 3 solid colas from 1 topping. Branchiest/bushiest of the plants as well.
In the back ground you see more hybrid phenos that are leaning towards the afghan spectrum (I think).
But the front 4 colas are from 2 plants. The one all the way to the left (half of it cut in the pic) is also the third cola from the skunk leaning pheno. The 2 background colas are 2 other plants.

And here is a macro attempt of a top bud from I believe the afghan leaning pheno.

Note that there is not a brown hair on those yet.
The pics don't do them justice and I am a bit worried about the number of plants so I won't post a group shot or from my veg chamber (which is looking fine as well). At least not right now :p

Hope you guys enjoy as much as I do. They are really stacking up on the frost now. In the pics it looks quite tame but it's either the camera or the compost tea watering but they currently look much frostier than that already.

Most of them have considerable resin coverage on their medium fan leafs already ...

Broseidon out
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Dayum broseidon!
Nice job my man. Really kicking butt, so happy you decided to show us some pics!

The Afghan leaning pheno looks good, I hope the smoke is up your alley.

Good luck finishing up these girls

Stay hazed


I am really stoked about this round.

Like I said, they are currently about 2-3 weeks out from the finish line, the first ones have started to show the first hints of orange/browning at the base of a few stigmas and they already look as plump as the finished buds from my first successful round.

The Afghan pheno in particular is going to be something ridiculous in terms of budsize when its done.
Even if the smoke is crap, the trichome/resin production is looking great as well (not sure how much the malted barley/molasses ACT has to do with that).
So at the very least, this is going to make a great hash plant. But I believe to have smelled the acrid berry aroma that I know from the last CM I flowered, when I moved the pheno around.

There is another pheno that wasn't flowered in the first go-around because there wasn't enough space.
I incidentally marked the pheno as number 42 :)
It looks very, very good in veg and had the purpling stigmas (that could have been from cold stress).
So I am very curious about how that one will perform.

I also have two different CMH lights running. In the big chamber is the 630w with the red/warm spectrum and in the small chamber is the 315w with blue/cold spectrum.

Now I did put all the massive looking phenos into the big chamber and put all the spindly/viney/runty looking ones in the small one.
But aside from the phenotype, it seems clear that the combination of spectrum and less wattage produces considerably smaller colas (who woulda thunk it ?!?).
But what is actually surprising to me is that I seem to be able to confirm that the blue/colder spectrum lights seem to cause the plants to finish earlier!

There is one pheno in there, that had the first sign of browning stigmas already a week or so ago and by the looks of it will be done a week or at least several days before all others.
Now it certainly could be the pheno more than anything but I seem to remember I was told that cold/blue spectrum lights cause the plants to finish their flowering earlier as well.
Next round I will have a pheno of the CM 42 in each flower chamber and see the difference more clearly.
If everything goes according to plan... I have 4 plants that will be 5 months vegged when they go into flower. They are basically early stage mother plants.
Gonna have to see how much space they will take up when I flower them out.

Anyway, the real reason I wanted the cold/blue spectrum lights was that it supposedly produces superior terpenes/aromas/flavors compared to the warm/red spectrum. So I will compare that as well in the near future.
I should have gone with a more comparable wattage though ...
It looks like I will move places in the coming years though, new job opportunity and such. I am making sure that I will be able to grow in the new place as well and am currently looking into houses where I will have a higher ceiling for my grow space so I can give the sativas in the future more space. Also will look into improved environment in some other regards, when compared to my current space.
Real bummer too, as I am just about to finish the drying chamber (only a year or so late :D) and only have minor work on the grow space left before I can call it finished...

But things might change in the coming years and I might be able to add a third chamber where I could throw in a 315w CMH with red/warm spectrum for better comparison.

I also have a friend who has a friend (you know how it goes xD) who just quit growing and has an entire grow op locked away in storage.
Unfortunately the guy went with hydro and I see no reason, other than a return of the fungus gnats or some other pest, to switch to hydro.
Not if I can grow bud like I currently do with only water and some compost tea (which isn't really necessary imho but doesn't seem to hurt).
Still, the guy had modern LED fixtures and the like. In terms of fans I could definitely still upgrade. Gonna look through his stuff for sure, maybe drop a grand or so one some new, barely used toys.

These opportunities are kinda rare so I plan to buy anything remotely useful to me and depending on my haul, that will also shape the future look of things.

All in all I want to thank everyone here on the board for helping me get to this point.
This is a real good success story for me and I plan to give back whenever I can.

You best believe I will take good care of these genetics and preserve them the best I can.
And when the time comes and the environment allows me to, I plan to share what I have preserved with everyone I can.
The first step has already been taken.
The Afghan leaning pheno looks like a clear cut winner (pending smoke report of course) and even if the smoke is mediocre, it will be a great hashplant simply due to its vigor and production qualities.

I will breed based on this keeper and others I will find in the future and I will make something for future generations.

Just gotta wait and see if I can share them with people where I live or if I someday have to take a trip to the US/Canada and gift a big bag of seeds to someone there. I guess I could always gift some to my favorite shop in the Netherlands or to some Spanish or Italian seed maker, too ...

Let's see.

Broseidon out


Hi bro

Are you still trying to overgrow with your big bag of seed

Lovly garden my friend

Be good
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Howdy Bro, still working on it here in the wild west or is it east?
Depends on who you ask I suppose and from where you are looking :D

You know when I make some seeds and they won't have cost me more than a few grams I could have had more without seeding the plants, overgrowing might actually become a posibility...

Should just start throwing seeds into nature :D



one of the phenos is apparently ready to be chopped. I would say at least a weak ahead of the rest.
Interestingly it is not the super-fast and vigorous veg pheno that completely yellowed out in week 6 or so of flower. That one seems to still be going... Might have to run that one again from clone and see why it turned completely yellow all of a sudden. Innitially I thought the fast and vigorous veg corresponds with quick flowering time and it just started to sap nutrients from the fan leafs a week or so earlier than the rest. But that theory is out of the window now I suppose...

I also killed a whole bunch of my clones... Burned them... First the soil mix was too hot for them (it was my reammended soilmix where I considerably upped the N) and then I used water which was supposedly distilled but when I smelled it, that soapy washing detergent smell was ever so pungent. pouring it out there was still some ever so slight foaming with it... Yeah that was a bad idea. Oh well, not the end of the world but set me back about a month...

I am done experimenting with the whole water stuff. From now on it is going to be de-chlorinated tap water which I PH and nothing more. Then a few compost teas or microbial teas and done,. nothing else.

A more interesting observation:
I have counted 4 phenos so far that exhibit pronounced pink stigmas during certain flowering stages. At the end these stigmas do turn a bright orange (as compared to the rather dark orange/brown of the pheno I can harvest today) but for quite a stretch they remain completely pink and pretty.
Reminds me of the picture on this website from "The Doors". But it is not as pink. More of a rose hue and tones of white showing through. Very pretty and like I said, had 4 of those phenos. One exhibiting this trait much more pronounced than all others. I imagined smelling something towards sweet fruity/berry when touching it. Curious to see what comes out of that one.
The buds did not purple or change color at all so far.

This seems to be something unique in the Mr. Nice gene pool (I assume this comes from the Afghan side?). At least I never heard or saw something like that before. Only ever saw that one picture of "The Doors" and thought it looks quite shopped to be honest.

I should really take a pic with a good cam, that one is a contest winner for sure. Very pretty to look at.


Plants are curing now.

Didn't take pics, sorry, paranoia :(

Quick update after harvest:
- CM 15 seems to be the star. Only plant with noticeably larger buds than everyone else. Side buds all the way down are dense and nice (unlike most other plants) and everything was very gooey. Only pheno of its kind. Effect from smoking scissor hash seems well balanced/rounded hybrid type of effect where I didn't feel "knocked out" but pleasant, mind stimulating sativa effects mixed in there. I was worried this was going to be a camphor smelling pheno as upon harvest it didn't have any pleasant smell aside from dominating camphor. Upon chopping down/trimming I noticed slight citrus aromas and overall "spiciness". Think a little pepper and assorted spices. Not unpleasant together with the citrus undertones and I am curious to what the cure brings out.

- CM 1,2,3,4 and 5 were all good plants funnily enough, some denser, some gooier all had one thing in common: That nail polish/wild berry flavor that I found in my previous single CM female and that I really liked. All five were eclipsed by CM 26 which exhibits the same/similar odor but seemed much gooier and had denser buds. I will reserve judgement for the effect but I smoked scissor hash of Nr. 5 and it was a very heavy, heavy stone.
So to summarize: out of 21 females, I found 6 with the nail polish/berry terps, so this seems to be a definite flavor profile in this line (and I love it).
I will probably keep the one out of the 6 that retains the most of these terps after the cure and/or most potent/best effect one.

After that we have a bunch of in-betweeners. I had one severely skunk leaning pheno that seemed to be done much faster than the rest and had deficiencies much sooner. I am not sure about that one to be honest, will run it again from clone and see how it behaves. Could be an interesting one still.

The rest is decent/alright but not outstanding. A few were considerably less frosty, the frost stars were the 26 and 15.
Also to note: The scissor/finger hash seems to give some info on the plant as well. While it was very easy to roll with some, other plants just wouldn't let me make scissor/finger hash. Stuff would always brittle and get stuck in tiny pieces and could get rolled to a ball. Sometimes the hash was extremely soft and gooey, othertimes it rolled into quite the solid ball. All break into a nice powder like substance unless i warm them in my hand, then they become tha gooey, malleable stuff.

So yeah, all in all I would say a successful run. Looks like I will get a good producer and a berry terp lady out of this for my stable and as building blocks for the future.

Really unhappy that I dropped the ball on the males so hard.

The sole surviving male is no longer convincing me very much. I should have really kept them all and flowered them out to find one that produces resin early...

Will search for a male in the next set of beans.

For now I am overwhelmed with the harvest (It's too much, won't do that many plants again, I had to take a week off from work just to trim it all by myself ...).
Looks to be plentiful though. If I do 2 runs a year like that, I should be set for my own consumption. If only the itch for pheno hunting wasn't so strong ...

In the veg room, the clones are getting quite rootbound and I should transplant them soon but I had some light-leaks and need to fix those before starting next flower and also need to finish trimming first before I can put my hands on there.

But I trained the plants and topped them a few times and played around with them a lot more this go around.

Still considering if and how I should implement a trellis net for the next flowering round because of all the late flower flopping I had with the CM ladies.

Also need to get some silica and water that in with the plants, they need stronger stems...

Well, looks like some tinkering in my near future, right when I get out of trim jail of course.
People really aren't overselling the whole trim jail thing. That stuff is so bittersweet.... but definitely exhausting ...

Allright all the best to you all,

Broseidon out


Some Chem genetics, OG and the like, already have some Headbanger going.

Wanna compare and see what the big fuzz is about, if it is anything worthwhile etc. etc.

It also looks like I am moving places by the end of the year, new job opportunity and family stuff and such.

Which of course is nice but I am not sure if I will be able to grow in my new place :/

Still haven't decided on it but my current "operation" will end by the end of the year unfortunately. Real bummer because I feel like I am just starting to get things dialed in. I also just finished the drying chamber like 2 months ago or so.
Well what you gonna do ...

Looks like I will run the CM one more time from clone (plus the girls that I couldn't flower in the first round due to space), then run 1 round of chemdawg genetics and make a selection from those as well and then MAYBE if I am lucky, I have the time to both do a flower run with males to select a keeper and then maybe have a seed run before I tear it all down. That would be good, so I can be sure I can save the genetics (even though the CM I already can't save but I can always get more seeds for that one from Shanti).

No matter what, I will have at least a veg tent in the new place and take my mothers and fathers with me and keep them. Just not sure if I will be able to flower anything in the new place...


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You already probably know this, but watch like a hawk for male parts on your OG genetics. Especially untested plants. Some will say that I am "chief dark clouds" for bringing it up. I'm just talking from my personal experience.

Good growing bro!


Yeah my expectation is for rather unstable and hermy prone genetics from the Chemdog line.

But I gotta say, looking at the seedlings, these grow very nice, very healthy, very vigorous and strong and very, very, very fat indica leafs.

Definitely something different from the MRN genetics I mostly ran so far.

But I am first and foremost after taste and effect (although ease of trim for the buds is something I will definitely consider strongly in my selections going forward).

The CM 26 looks like it will rank very high in the flavor/odor category as well as the potency category (the finger hash I rolled from it was plentiful, pungent and strong in effect). It also had decent to trim buds, better than many others.
The CM 15 ranks even higher in ease of trim and resin coverage. Flavor/odor wise it definitely ranks lower but is also different overall from the 26 and the other berry leaners.

These seem to be the two frontrunners.

The 26 competes with several phenos with similar odor profile, similarly resinous and similarly easy to trim, I would rank it above the others in those categories. Particularly in ease of trim. Potency/effect will be the tipping point on those.

The 15, even though it didn't win me over in terms of odors, it has no competitors and is a unique pheno within the 48 beans I sprouted and the 21 females I flowered out. There is no other.
It is the only one with considerably bigger buds, considerably higher resin coverage and considerably easier to trim. I didn't weigh anything but from trimming I would say it easily yields double of the smallest plants. The effect from the scissor hash was surprisingly "up" and not as stoney/knock out as I would've expected, thinking this pheno leans towards the afghan heritage. After a few days curing, the citrus aromas are seeming to establish themselves with the spiciness moving somewhat to the background, which I like very much. Still going to wait for the potency/effect test to decide but just by it being the only one in the garden like it, I tend to think that this is the "one in a hundred" or whatever plant in this seedline. If potency/effect is there (as the finger hash test led me to believe), this is likely the one.