2k flood and drain


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anyone done a 4x8 flood and drain with shit? if so could you tell me more about how to feed her? what ppms? is this the stinkest strain mr nice has?


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No but I did find shit on the floor. We have a cat that wipes it's butt using the floor as a piece toilet paper. I hope you are referring to the pot strain called shit.




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yes i am lol whats the stinkest strain at mns i tried sending you a pm lol no luck maybe were ive only got 2 post lol


no plant, no room, no grow are the same
his ppms might be too low for you, or maybe even too high for you, too many variables are involved to just copy those parameters and to think you are good to go .. no sir, that wont make any sense and wont lead to desired outcomes ...

tho, you could have asked if its a strong feeder or a low feeder

anyways, by asking this question - you are disqualifying yourself .. ya know ;)
stink is a highly subjective "thing" ... some might call it not stink but fragrance or perfume ..

ask the right questions and you might get some useful answers, but please, change this attitude of a 14 year old / young