2021’s first legal garden


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What madness is this :D

Dem fingers.......

Wonder how much the BB will shorten time and stature.
Hey buddy
The BBf5 is a 55-65 day plant indoor under 13/11 photo period
Outdoor she finishes early October thru mid November
Selection will be key for these hybrids which are primarily suited for indoor and greenhouse production.
Some plants should work well in outdoor settings with long season ( mid November)
However my skunk x bbf5 should be breath taking outdoor and very potent.
Gemmacert says female skunk is 22%
both female bb f5 girls tested 19 and 21 % respectively.
The male used to make this seed was chosen for his structure and vigor.
Being an f5 seed plant , resinous, hollow stem, pungent aroma made him the one.
If you’re into famous seed hybrids then this is what I’m doing.
SSH x BBf5 = BlueDream (my version)
NL5HzC/MK x BBf5 = Snoop Master Kush
( my version has no skunk!)
Skunk x BBf5 = Skunk Berry f1 (my version,
this hybrid has been tested to as high as 40% in flower)
Disclaimer goes here…
I do not sell seeds…
end of disclaimer.

So to end this here by saying
I will be neck deep in sinsemilla or neck deep in bird seed .😂✌


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I’ve been short on words and pictures lately, no worries just enjoying the view and mysterious aromas flowing from my garden .
The run down;
Sk- traditional skunk pheno sweet pungent aroma Super heavy flowers needing support
Resin. Ya mon boocoo resin and sticky
Sk-pink hair floral sweet aroma sticky
Train wreck appearance from massive weighted flowers
MK hybrid 1-late flower haze pheno long flowing branches. Top shelf selection
MK hybrid 2-late flower hybrid vigor lush green upright plant long solid spear shaped colas
purple hair white super stick resin
Aroma on this plant smells of strawberries n creme ice cream!
MK hybrid 3- NL pheno type low odor highly resinous and very sticky
MK hybrid 4- afghan pheno type structure
floral aroma very sticky turning gold and almost ready to cut.
DJ#4 light green kush type musk aroma with sweet berry undertones .
Flo#2 plant - purple, solid, sweet berry musk aroma almost ready to harvest.
Mo pics soon come
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The skunks
and NL pheno and Afghan pheno MK hybrids
were harvested in a rush due to extensive heavy monsoon rains.
Smoking the NL pheno now and I must say it has a familiar aroma that I can’t quite place.
Yum Yum is the closest I can muster.
Reminds me of high school 😂
Delicious 👍


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axiom said: "Outlaws “Greengrass n Hightides”

Wait! Is that right? All these years I been singing 'Green Grass n Mai Tai's' forever! Oh well,
"Excuse me while I kiss this guy" - Jimi Hendrix

Beautiful plants, axiom! Great job :love:

I made a girl almost pee her pants. “Words, don’t com easy to me...” and I was like: “birds, don’t come easy to me” lol