2020 outdoor


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Gorgeous plants, very happy. Right in the yard! Badass. Hail Canada! What strain(s)? Hope your harvest was as great as your summer.
Nice to meet you. Great pics.


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thank you, i really have no idea what stains these are, i have been collecting seeds for 25yrs and i never kept track of the seed, i am pretty sure there is some haze of some sort and some timewarp in some of it, i got just over a lb per plant, and yes i have balls to the floor lolololol, the stuff i have gotten away with in my time lol i am very lucky to have been left alone, a few years back i had a neioghbour who was gonna phone the cops about my 13' plants lol, but where i live no cop was gonna waste there time over backyard plants. i push the limits lol, i remember back in my day walking around downtown van with a 10 gram joint nobody even batted a eye, hell i was hot boxing my car with 3gr joints daily in rush hour bumper to bumper traffic, nobody said a word, i had the cops one night many moons ago behind me with a big ol blunt going and they hit the flood light into my car from behind, i got a bit worried lol smoke was pouring out everywhere but they never bothered me. i tell ya i have burned more than 9 lives in my younger years lol hell even sitting in road construction line ups i would fire up a 4gr joint window open lol. i might have to write a book one day.