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Old 08-30-2016, 01:14 AM
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Default Has SSH been changed after 2007-2008?

Hello everyone,

I have been obsessed with SSH since I first grew it in 2008. I bought a pack in 2008 that was in those old yellow packets. Long story short only 2 seeds out of that pack made it, oddly enough both of those 2 plants were some of the best plants I have ever had.

One of those in particular has been my day and night obsession for nearly a decade. It was a very special plant, one in which I judge all others.

Anyways over the years I have grown out a few more packs of SSH, I have yet to find anything that even comes close to those first 2 plants.

So basically I am wondering if SSH has ever been changed? Those 2 plants were very different than anything I have found since. I have really not found anything quite as good since.

So this strain either has 100 or more phenotypes or something is different. Could someone please clear this up for me? It;s the hope of finding that very special plant again that keeps me going on my search, but if things are different now then I will probably give up.

I also noticed there has not been too many killer cuts of SSH pop up since about that time.

Now I know this is not nostalgia, these plants really were that good.
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Old 08-30-2016, 11:53 PM
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The strain was never stabilized, see the ssh cup winning pheno topic on the form . And I don't know for a fact but I believe the nl/5xhaze was lost be for shanti started breeding it .

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