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Old 10-06-2014, 09:00 PM
Join Date: Apr 2010
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Default Pink Floyd : grow waiting the new album

It's been a while I haven't posted in the public space here, even if I've still been around reading some topics here and there.
But still, it hasn't been so long as when division bell or PULSE were released. Anyway as the endless river is approaching, I thought it's the right time to crack the 20 seeds pack I got from MNS couple weeks ago.

Because this CMxHaze(AC) cross did look quite appealing and there haven't been so many grow logs here, I thought I shall go for it. So I hope you guys enjoy, even if there might be long times without any news.

By the way I'm sorry for not having shared any posts on my previous MNS grows as SSH, NL5xHaze and NL5xAfghan, but you still could find my grow log about NHM here :

October 6th 2014, local time 23pm

The seeds were soaked right 30 minutes ago. I'm going to let them germ between towels for one or two days before planting these in light mix.
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Old 10-08-2014, 08:14 PM
Join Date: Apr 2010
Posts: 38

19 out of 20 did germ so they were all put in smal light-mix pots under 400w hps.

Gonna give them a a few weeks 18/6 light ration before sexing them on 12/12 and bringing them back to 18/6 to take cuttings.

Can't wait !

Cheers !
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Old 10-09-2014, 01:32 AM
weezy's Avatar
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Nice this is one that really has me interested!
Find the peace...
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Old 11-15-2014, 05:38 PM
Join Date: Apr 2010
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After 2 weeks under 12/12 light ratio, 7 turned out to be females and 10 males with 3 yet to be determined. Overall males did tend to show first and I had one girl showing before others girls couple days ago. I counted 5 yesterday and got two more today so I suppose 6 of these will finish together and 1 a bit before.
Still wondering what's left in the three late bloomer if there's a boy in or only girls.

I culled the males and revegged the girls under 12/6 today, so I'll be able to take cuttings in a couple weeks and run these to full flowering !

btw cheers weezy and thanks for posting !
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