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Hey candravamsa,

Did you do anything to the seeds before putting them in the soil?

I like to soak them in a shot glass of water in a warm/dark location for approx. 18hrs. When I first started germ. seeds I would do this, then put them in a moist paper towel and put the paper towel in a zip lock baggie and "puff up" the baggie before closing it to put some air in there. Once the tap root is coming out I plant them in a pre-soaked soil/soil-less mix.

I now skip the paper towel and go from water to my soil but if your just starting, the paper towel method is good. I like to wet the soil with a small amount of liquid kelp and humic acid.


P.S. Sometimes you have to get surgical as CannabisPatient said and remove the shell, be VERY gentle!
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