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Default Leaves curling down at the tips. And also mold??..

I moved to a different location and started a new closet for my mothers. I have a 100x50x180cm closet with an 90m^3/h computer extractor (planning on adding another one) and an 120x120mm passive air intake. For now its passive but i plan on adding also a 120x120mm fan for the intake.
- I use coco as the growing medium;
- Using hesi coco ferts plus hesi root complex and hesi vitamins;
- My nutrient solution is prepared in 15L and lasts me about 2 to 3 weeks because the plants are quite small yet;
- I have 2 air stones connected to a air pump in the NS reservoir for keeping it good;
- My EC meter needs calibrating but i'm using 1/4 of the recommended ferts so i think its EC is low. My pH is around 5.5 to 6.0;
- I used Neem cake to mix with the coco and i regreat it, i've seen the neem powder starting to rot on top of the coco.

because the fan i used to have is too big/powerfull to be in that space i did not put it there! So yesterday to my surprise there was some stuff on top of the coco substrate that looked like some sort of mold.
I've been watering a lot because i haven't get used to this new conditions and the coco has been pretty wet, but i never seen mold growing on coco, this is a first time!
But the plants looked fine at the time..
So i scraped the top "moldy" layer with a spoon and added some more coco to the pot and then i added some 1% H2HO just on the top layer of the coco. Then i added my fan to the space but like i said its quite big for that space and the plants are getting almost always constant wind on them.

So today i went there and found some of the plants with their leaves curling down, not much, but enought to not look healthy. Why is this happening? Is because of the potent fan blowing constantly air into them??

And about the "mold".. What is it? Is is trichoderma? My coco is new, it just got a week or so out of the bag.. I know i was watering it too much and i will lower that but i wanted to know that its not some fungus that will cause dumping off..

Could you please share some info on this? Thanks in advance..
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