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Default Building a Soundproof, Self-Succient Growing Shed.

Hey everyone, welcome to my thread. I'm in the process of designing what will be my self-sufficient (ran on generator/s) outdoor growing shed. I need some help though, mostly with soundproofing methods. Keep in mind, I plan on constructing this secretly in the middle of the bush in a place where I don't think anyone will find it. I'll give you the run-down on what I've already figured out, but it's mostly just observational and speculation

Structure: Garden Shed, 2.8m by 2.8m. The cost is roughly $600AUD.

Power Source: 3KVA Inverter Generators. I plan on having two identical or very similar ones in case one breaks, and to alternate between the two. They will also have custom fuel tanks on them, so they can run for 24 hours or so at a time. I believe there are methods to make one start up, when another turns off. I have to look into this.

Soundproofing: The most tricky part. I'm not quite sure what I will do here. In fact, I'm desperate for some educated advice. There's so many variables... Well, here's some of the options.

Option No.1: Keep the shed as-is, and build a soundproof box for the generator itself. This will include intake/ventilation to the "outside" world of course. The exhaust pipe will be zig-zagged to reduce sound, and finally filtered through a drum of water to eliminate any remaining sound.

Option No.2: Leave the generators as-is, and insulate the shed with sufficient insulation (need help here!). Whatever I use would have to be able to completely eliminate the sound of a generator to the outside world. Some options seem to be sound-insulation foams, fabrics, rubbers or even refrigeration panels.

Option No.3: Build a soundproof box for the generator, and then coat the inside of the shed with a soundproof foam or something quick and inexpensive. The idea is that the soundproof box over the generator will provide hopefully enough reduction in sound that the foam will effectively eliminate the rest.

I'm welcoming all opinions here.

Ventilation: Once I figure out what method of soundproofing I am going to use, I'll be able to work out exactly how I'll ventilate (intake/exhaust) the shed. However I do it though, it must not leak sound. Ideas for this would be appreciated too.

If I can afford it, I plan on getting some of the newer LED's, which are proving effective. I've seen grow reports of people getting 1.3-1.5g+ per Watt. They also have almost no heat signature. Otherwise I'll just use HPS...

Running Cost vs Profit: I've lost the exact figures, but basically what I worked out was. I'll be running 2000W of lights, giving me approximately 1 Gram per Watt. Minus the cost of fuel ($2000ish per 2 and 1/2 months), I should be profiting between $15,000-$18000 if I were to sell or buy the equivalent amount grown. In short; definitely worth constructing.

I look forward to your advice!
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