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Old 03-21-2012, 07:25 PM
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i never had the "opportunity" to take seraquel, but i know alot of people who have. i had a close friend commit suicide while on it, and i am certain that it contributed heavily to his mindset and actions.

the zoloft and xanax were by far the worst of the bunch that i took. xanax being the worst of all. although i took these drugs in their recommended dosages, i still felt very angry and combative. i once found myself inside of a fast food restaurant literally trying to kill someone who had said something tongue and cheek to me. not once. i repeat, NOT ONCE since using cannabis in a medicinal capacity to treat my ptsd and other conditions have i had a violent episode.

having someone to talk to is also paramount to recovery. holding in the things weve seen and done will do nothing but eat your soul. there are people out there that understand, that relate, and are trapped in the same exact hell as you. i didnt go through nam, or the korean war, but ive fought in these recent wars, and i have seen what those before me have, and i was not able to make sense of it until i started medicating with cannabis and talking openly with a therapist, or even close friend. i was a recreational user before i joined the military. i never smoked pot once while in the service, and didnt have much of a desire to once i got discharged. it was what i went through that drove me back to cannabis, not to just get high but to maintain a certain quality of life, and to get off of the pharma pills that were slowly killing me.

Coop has done me a great deal of help with his tinctures, and i see it as an amazing tool in combatting PTSD, just as regular flower or concentrates can also help.
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