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The Spice female that I ended up with was one of the prettiest plants that I have grown so far. Indica leaning hybrid, dark green leaves in veg, stems smell like burning rubber when rubbed. Looks very indica in veg, but kinda branchy. Beautiful dark purple stems. Flowered in appx 1/2 gal pot w/ amended FFOF. Fed guano, ewc, algamin, occasional 'bottle' fert (PBP, age old, EJ,b-1, whatever). Flowered after appx 1 month above dirt (@ 20/4). Took a while to sex, maybe 3 full weeks. Flowered with 2 x 125w envirolights in a mylar lined stand up shower with other plants @12/12. Got pollinated by Miss Mud (JLP), Pine Bud x G-13 (Gypsy Nirvana), and HEAVILY seeded by a delicious SSH. Topped in veg, and grown entirely under flouro's, 2 nice 'spear/fat candles' style colas, decent bottom branching. I cut her progressively from 7-9 weeks to get the seeds, and not smoke the rest of my crop early lol. I didn't get enough seedless bud to cure, but it was strong and dank tasting right off the bat. I lost the clone that I took, so I am currently re-vegging her to give up clones then transplant outside.

I have 7 Spice x SSH that are about a week out of the dirt, and I will be taking clones of the momma Spice in a week or so. These will all hit flower in about a month. I'll post a diary here.

On a side note, I have only been growing for about a year, and before I grew I figgured that ALL of the names of pot that I bought were made up. However, at hippie shows (early 90's), I used to look for bud that people claimed as 'Hawaiian'. I bought Spice because of that, along with Pakalolo forom the Sativa Seed Bank. They are a Nirvana off shoot, so who knows about the true lineage, but Pakalolo is supposed to be a Hawaiian sativa stabilized in Holland, blah, blah, blah..... Anyway, I am finishing 2 of these now, and they are lovely sativas. One went from stinky to hazy, now sweet, and the other from feet/cheesy, to sweet. Pretty uniform, and definetly worth the $15 or so that I spent on em.

P.S. I am not pushing pakalolo, as SSH is worth every penny @ $170 lol.
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