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Old 02-10-2020, 02:55 AM
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Default Let's talk cannabutter for edibles

My girlfriend really loves the punto rojo cookies I make for her and her friends. My general methodology is to first make bubble hash, then make cannabutter from the hash, then use the cannabutter in baking recipes. I aim for ~25 mg/cookie and strive to let the energetic, soaring sativa effect shine through in the edible.

Most of us have seen this classic decarboxylation [THC] vs Temperature plot for different decarb temps. I take away a couple things from this chart:
  1. You need higher decarb temps than the boiling point of water.
  1. Max THC concentration peaks and drops off rapidly at higher temperatures (>250° F). I believe the THC converts to CBD.
  1. It doesn't apply directly to the real world because we decarb in batches and it is impossible, for example, to instantly cool a batch of cannabutter when we have reached max THC concentration, if we even know when/where that point is at a given temperature. Clearly an area-under-the-curve thing.

I believe the THC converts to CBD after maximum THC is achieved. I want to maximize THC concentration and minimize CBD, to get the maximum sativa zing in my cookies. Here's where I have another issue with internet decarb tech: I don't necessarily want max THC in my cannabutter, I want it in the cookies that I make from the cannabutter, after I bake them at 375 for ~10 minutes. This implies that I should only partially decarb the hash when I make cannabutter, so that the decarb process is complete and maximum THC concentration is reached in the end product after baking.

My last batch of cannabutter seemed to have a little more zing than previous attempts. I melted a couple sticks of butter, boiled off the moisture, got the temperature up to about 270, added the hash and tried to maintain the temperature around 270 for about 10 minutes, then cooled the butter as quickly as possible with an ice bath. Side note here...the smell that filled up my house was this wonderful combination of piney Colombian weed and brown butter - it was divine!

Am I on the right track here? Does anybody have any experience with getting the most out of cannabutter and baked edible treats? I have 10 grams of The Doors hash that I want to get into cookie form!
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Old 02-10-2020, 04:03 AM
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I would love to sample those cookies!

I have lots of experience cooking with weed... but not hash. I suspect that you can actually improve the taste of baked goods with hash. I have never achieved that with leaf material.

I'm really high off coconut caramels right now... I am noticing my posts meandering wildly.

A couple of things: THC degrades to CBN, not CBD IIRC.
The chart and temperatures are even more misleading, or just irrelevant if you do the classic water/oil/weed in a crock pot method because while it decarboxylates more slowly, it definitely does it faster than at room temperature, and I always go 24 hours or more. BTW, temperature transfer is much more effective in liquid than in air (gas). You probably knew that, but lots of people don't.

Good luck.
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Old 02-15-2020, 08:31 PM
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For you to compare, here's my recipe :

1. decarb part : I preheat the oven at 105 degrees Celsius ( between 100 & 105 ) and put the hash or herb in a pyrex ( closed ) or silicon box for 1 hour

2. clarified butter & lecithin : for every gram of hash, I prepare seperately 4 grams of butter ( yeah, 1 to 4 ratio ) and 5-10 % of the hash weight in lecithin ( not sure which lecithin is best ), bring it to 80-90 degrees to stir it with the hash right at the end of the decarb. Stir well so the lecithin is already dissolved

-- for this point , you could have replaced clarified butter by coconut or olive oil or normal butter. You simply need a greasy molecule to bond with Thc and the other terpenes. The lecithin will help for the digestion.

3. decarb done : mix butter and melted hash before it solidifies, then put it one more hour in the oven, same temp

4. take it out of the oven, let it cool, freeze at least 12 hours

5. take out of the freezer and when it's unfrozen, pre-heat the oven at 105 degrees Celsius ( between 100 & 105 ), and put everything in the oven for :

1 hour : normal effect, no/hardly CBN
6 hours : a lot of CBN ( sleep pill )

... chose the duration that suits your preference.

When done, put in caps 00 and then freeze for months.

Happy effects

PS : at normal dosage, lecithin can give bowel troubles already, so keep it low

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Old 02-16-2020, 10:05 AM
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Aloha DA!
Nice recipe you got there. Thank for posting it!

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Old 02-17-2020, 04:22 PM
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Appreciate the response, DA!
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