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Originally Posted by Nevil View Post
Let me tell you what Sam told me about the origin of SK1.

Some boys were growing some Afghani, Mexican and I'm not sure whether he said Thai or Columbian or both, in a remote area. He came back after some years and there it was, a fully stabilised hybrid. It just developed all by itself.

Honest to God, it's what he told me!
Well with the time it seems Sam has improved somewhat his story.
Here is what he told us:

Originally Posted by Sam_Skunkman
I did not plan to make specificly skunk a consistant F1 hybrid. I crossed the parents and had a f1 hybrid like maybe 30 other Sativa /Indica F1 hybrids I had made. When I individualy selfed all 30 of the populations and made F2 seeds, most of the f1s just segergated like crazy. What I named Skunk did not segergate in the F2's it was basicly consistant so I used it as a new consistant variety. And tossed most of the other hybrids. I did not make a perticular cross become consistant I used the F1 that was naturaly that way, why fight nature and make work? Just use large plant populations and many varieties and it is much easier then tring to force your will on two chosen varieties that you want specific traits from each of in a new hybrid that will be consistant.
Originally Posted by Sam_Skunkman
And as for Skunk it was pretty stable as an F1, although selfing it a few years did help a bit with consistancy. But Skunk #1 was not forced to be stabilized, I just made 30 different Sativa X Indica F1 hybrids, selfed each and grew out a bunch of each of the 30 populations of selfed F1's and made 30 populations of F2's that when I grew them out showed that most had segregated into 25% like the Moms and 25% like the Dads and 50% like the F1, Skunk #1 did not segregate, or very little, so I kept it and tossed the others. I could of spent many years trying to stabilize hybrids that would never of stabilized, but why waste my time and fight nature? I wanted a hybrid that could be maintained by seed, Open Pollinated IBL. But nowadays growers prefer F1 clones as a way to maintain because of the increased vigor etc. When Skunk #1 was created very few growers knew about or used clones.