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Old 05-08-2009, 10:35 PM
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Hello B H!,

well said sir!.

Fine specimen of the Canna familly you got there!. I Must not! buy some of those lol.

Where did you get that fine spcecimin again I did not quite catch you there?.PMSL!.

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Old 05-09-2009, 11:09 PM
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Originally Posted by british_hempire View Post
My great worry with female seeds is that there are several companies who are just stealing other people's work by taking cuts of great phenos and spraying them with chemicals to make S1s seeds just to make a quick buck.

The end result of this is that companies who are against female seeds have had to sell their own female lines to compete - Magus Genetics and Cannabiogen are two who don't like female seeds but have been forced to sell them in order to still have worthwhile sales numbers. I have met more than one Spanish growshop owner who told me he can;t sell regular seeds, everyone wants feminised.

Shanti has been a victim of the rip-off merchants, Dinafem took the Bilbo cut of Critical Mass that has been popular in Spain for years and feminised it and sell it as Critical Plus, there are other examples of shanti's hard work being feminised too.

It would be a travesty if proper breeders like shanti see their business suffer and even threatened by falling sales because others are just stealing and feminising their work, to lose even one of the few honest, decent breeders to bankruptcy due to the feminising thieves would be a huge blow to our industry.

My second big concern is the poor quality plants and messed up genetics that are resulting from the work of some of the feminisers, not just hermies but freaks and mutants, heard many complaints about the feminised plants from seeds bought from GHS, DP and others recently.

People who love the money cannabis can make them more then they love cannabis itself shouldn't be making seeds!

The pics are of a GHS feminised Trainwreck plant, not grown by me, by another UK fella who is a skilled grower, this is what happens when folks with no skill and only profit as motivation make seeds!
That looks nothing like my Train Wreck, the TW I grow was aquired in cut form from an Arcata grower. It is much darker, deepr colors to the hairs, better trichome production, and since I can't smell your pics, mine has a very deinfitive turpine smell and taste. Wish I could make seeds of it, but I have used a true SM Columbian and have been working on this cross now for about 8 yrs. I like to call it Hannah Montana b/c to me it is the best of both worlds, and anyone familiar w/ true SM Columbian and true TW, they would understand completely where I'm comming from. Peace!
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Old 05-10-2009, 09:38 PM
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lmao...hollow stems are usually a good thing...but that 4th pic is wide enough to park a car in! overkill imo

if GHS wanted a hollow stem....they succeeded lmao. good work!...?
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Old 05-11-2009, 09:52 AM
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Ahh Yes Rudy's TW what a pile of shit the GH are... Then you have the idiot called Jack Trying to claim that it's an indica over on IC.

Also telling people its their fault that the plants hermed as Scrogging caused it to much stress for the plant what an utter twat I informed him of this to which I got bad rep from him.

Only poor plants will herm under such a low stress as scrog its not like topping or fimming where you are removing axial tips

GH = money hungry knob heads.....

p.s Franco is a cool guy and needs to distance himself for Arjan the king of spin.

Its sad to see some banks having no other option but to make fem beans, I would have thought Tony would be long dead before they went into the fem market but Sag now sell fems!!
Henk's bank has been slipping for a few years now unripe seed poor work, the bank is turning near to all fem very sad indeed. Even Nirvana have turned how many strains are now lost due to this????

It sucks balls!!

I hope you never ever ever produce Fem beans Shanti as one day "they" will come looking for stong genes and only a few will have them!!

Last edited by blueboy1875; 05-11-2009 at 10:36 AM.
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Old 05-11-2009, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by blueboy1875 View Post

I hope you never ever ever produce Fem beans Shanti as one day "they" will come looking for stong genes and only a few will have them!!
Shanti has said in the past he has no interest in producing female seeds becsaue of obvious reason like that freak from GHS.
Sit back and hold your breath, just let nature take effect A warm glow inside my bones The touch of velvet rubbed against my soul Thoughts of things you've always known Thoughts of things you've always known Break through and listen, to yourself.
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Old 05-11-2009, 06:36 PM
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Hi All

yes a few seriously good points come up in this thread which I will talk about briefly so you can understand some things from my point of a seed company.

There are numerous examples of my strains F1 seed getting femminized...companies doing this range from pyramid to dinafem to nearly every Spanish seed bank currently on the market. Most Dutch companies are buying in femminized seeds from commercially grown lots in Spain and renaming them to in actual fact you have several seed makers selling to nearly all seed companies...making one seed with 50 names...

Next the point about all seed companies making a run to keep sales up is on the money.It is viewed that if you do not make femminized seed you are loosing out on sales as well as other companies are capitalizing on all the work and good will on the name of the strain..look at White widow for that.
So I believe MNS will be the only one left staying true breeding and keeping males and females alive to breed with.It worked with us from Nevilles time to my time so why change a sure thing? Our seed sales only reflect our stock list, when we have seeds we sell MNS is sort of special there. I think most companies lost alot of sales and had to make the move to femminized seed...some out of greed but several out of necessity otherwise they would be bust.

Let me just bring up one of the most important thing out of all this...the amount of breeders of seed have never been many, but now their will be fewer. Guys like Simone from Serious Seed who I like and admire for his honest approach and dedication to true breeding are also considering femminizing...and that might mean we reached a tilting point of Cannabis breeding. In fact most of the best breeders are you who spend years playing with single strains, and the shift and future will mean those types of dedicated hobby breeders will be a true source to tap into. I already know this and have known this for some years. That is one of the reasons I did not sell up and go live happily after difficult years in Swityerland, but translocated all my facilities and plants at a hell of a stress to finally be here and doing what I do. I spend a lot of time talking one to one with a lot of you and consider that immensely important nowadays. The fame and glory days are over for me, they were fun for a while but did not really do it for me after a period of time...and the bs that I see now in Holland at the coffeeshops show the scene went down hill since 98...and is all a publicity stunt or at best a commercial is not serious and fun like it was when Nev and I lived there .

So yes it is an issue of extreme importance for those who consider themselves interested in genetics...and by buying femminized seed you are promoting it so be prudent with purchases in the future.

Last point to make for those who say it is cheaper to buy femminized seed I beg to differ. MNS sell 15+ seeds to a packet, if half are females, then work it out...but it is an important point for a lot of growers for some reason. To me I think you better get as close to the source of the origins as you can...get educated and discuss things online.

So hope it was not too longer waffle on but it is a concern of mine, always has been if you read any of my articles in any of the magazines like Weed world, La Dolce Vita, Buds n Babes, Treating Yourself or Canna Habla...amongst a few I write regularly for....all the best Sb

"Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner." -Lao Tzu

all the best,
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Old 05-11-2009, 06:43 PM
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After reading this thread and many others and some discussions with MDanzig about this and his views on the future of AF breeding. It is starting to look like I am not going to screw around with this femmed stuff and just keep doing it the way its suppose to be done using a male and female.

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Old 05-11-2009, 07:36 PM
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Originally Posted by shantibaba View Post
Most Dutch companies are buying in femminized seeds from commercially grown lots in Spain and renaming them to in actual fact you have several seed makers selling to nearly all seed companies...making one seed with 50 names...

....all the best Sb
nice view Shanti

what say one of friends of mine ...

"You know bro, here 10 ppl grow K2, but actually they grows 8 different strains"

Last edited by BlizzOut; 05-11-2009 at 07:38 PM.
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Old 05-12-2009, 02:01 AM
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Default fem seeds

just my experienced opinion...
i have alot of good friends that have called on me to help them out of many different issues when it comes to feminized seeds..i always tell them the same thing,playing God only works for God, stop screwing with nature and just dont buy some mickey mouse seed companies attempt at messing with nature. there is a reason that cannabis comes out male and female... and in my experience , the plants that come out from natural selection always have the better qualities that i look for .There are many different ways to improve chances for more females but i personally wouldnt want anything that came off another that was due to stress or chemical induction for their production.If we as consumers would just do a little research into the companies we deal with ,then the immitators would fall by the wayside in due time. Many companies are too quick to immitate and duplicate, they dont take the time and effort ,or even have the passion that a person like shanti has given to his trade,after all you shall reap what you sow,so make sure you are well informed on anything that will take this much of your time and effort in doing. I for one ,do not part with my hard earned dollars very easily, but i trust mns seeds because they have proven that they simply are the highest quality products for my money . i consider myself a true connoiseur and am happy to say everything i have ever grown out has been top notch because of the top notch breeding that i began with , thanks for all your hard work shanti and keep it real man lots of love ciao
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Old 05-12-2009, 03:40 AM
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I've learned alot from these this thread, cheers

There are many more legitimate reasons to avoid fem seeds that i originally thought,

For an industry that already has credibility issues...The wholesale rip-off of a few breeders stock sounds like just another day in the office for many many seed companies... i'll say it..MOST seed companies

Pioneers end up with arrows in their backs,

I can only see that as consumers, Our unwillingness to get educated on the issue as well as a Marketing Blitz has made them so Important, This was what i was originally upset with.."why am i doing this?" Expensive seeds..definently NOT all females, some issues with Plant performance well as no f2 crop?

I realized that i had just bought into the crap

Has anything in the Cannabis community EVER come close to the amount of "positive" attention Feminising seeds has?


Hobby breeding is a blast..And i pity you if you miss out on it!
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