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Old 07-19-2008, 05:44 AM
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Default Kush

Hey Gang
Lets have a no bullshit discussion about Kush. I recently was browsing another forum and noticed a seemingly new member requesting information from veterans on the legitimacy of Kush. However, not being a member at the forum in question,but wanting to respond lead me to post this particular subject here at MNS.

Is kush really as good as the hype you see on the street? I think the obvious answer is yes, it can be. What I think a lot of people need to understand is that Kush is a term given to many marijuana varietys that originate from the Hindu Kush valleys or to plants that have a "Hindu Kush" profile to them. So there isnt just one kush variety, there are an untold number of lines out there all of which may legitimately have a claim to being genuine Hindu Kush, a hybrid of a Kush or which have been labeled a Kush line at one point in time or another.

Now the question in my mind, isnt whether or not Kush is good, but where to get ahold of the better kush's? I think generally speaking, its not hard to find a kush line even for those of us who dont have access to the top shelf lines floating around out there. Although I just recently relocated, the area I am originally from is very mountainous with quite a few Kush varieties being grown in and around the area. None of which are available to the general public from an online seed source, but all of which are just lines that have made their way to that area throughout the years and have shown a reliability to grow in that particular part of the world.

Years ago now, I smoked some Hindu Kush that was absolutely top notch. From a distance, the marijuana had a red aura too it and I had mistaken it for some imported schwagg from a far. Upon closer examination, I was laying eyes on a red pheno of Kush that was very impressive looking. It smoked even better, with a very herbally, spicey, hash kind of taste. The high was very surreal, quite different than anything I was use to at point in time or since then really.

What really starts to get me thinking, is where did that line originate from? Naturally, my idea of Kush was solidified with that top of the line marijuana I smoked that was labeled Kush, as would any other normal person. So of course, if I wanted to grow Kush I would be expecting to buy seeds that produced marijuana exactly like the Kush I had smoked. Sounds fair right? Well the problem is, the other kush lines Ive tried since then were nowhere near the quality or even in the same ball park as the Kush I smoked all those years ago now. So where exactly does one go, to get that kush?

That's the million dollar question. And I think a lot of the members on the forums are not recognizing the fact there isnt just one line of Hindu Kush. Not even in the dutch circles is there just one Hindu Kush variety, which everybody who breeds works with. But somehow, quite a few of them seem to be using a plant called Hindu Kush. Which, from the outside perspective would be presumed to be the same thing since they have the same name. Not so fast my friends. Lots of different Kush's, we could be in a wild goose chase here.

There are different areas of the Hindu Kush Mountain range, which have somewhat drastically different kush varieties than some of their other Hindu Kush counter parts. I was surprised to learn that Kush can differ from one another even in valleys running adjacent to each other. And with all of that potential variance, imagine the hybrids that come from those different lines that make their away a cross the globe. All of which will be labeled kush, but with the addition of non related genes into the pool create for even more variance. So when we're dealing with Kush, or in my case trying to track down a specific kush line the possibility's of where to find it could be endless. If not down right impossible.

So I think the search for Kush at the various seed banks and forums can be an iffy process at best. What you may expect, could be entirely different from what you receive. There are definitely some wonderful Kush varieties out there, but there are also some lines which dont measure up in comparison to the Grade A Hindu Kush varieties. If I could find a kush line that was similar to the one I had all those years ago, I would consider myself a lucky man. Ive been searching for that Kush for years now, having started at where I thought would be the most logical step, Sensi Seeds. But their Hindu Kush, while extremely fast, heavy yielding, and stout, was nothing like the Kush I was originally after. From there, I tried another Kush line that had quite a reputation for itself and while very pleased with the variety, was once again nothing like I was looking for.

I think in summary, something we all have to remember is one mans trash is another mans treasure. Not all of us have the same experiences, tolerance levels, body chemistry etc. So to each, their own in that sense. Is Kush as good as they say it is? I think the simple answer is, yes it can be.

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Old 07-19-2008, 07:16 AM
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the cannabis in the Hindu kush mountains is a mix of kush x afgani you would do well to find pure kush or a pure afgani in the area the variation between the two is very small. i think any cannabis plant grown in that area is called kush
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Old 07-19-2008, 07:32 AM
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I've grown a couple of Kush's, Sensi Seeds Hindu Kush, also their White Label Master Kush. Nothing special really if you ask me, but I know the elite kush growers call them working man's kush. I'll have some Bubba Kush in a couple of weeks, let you know how it grows.
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Old 07-19-2008, 09:14 AM
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this post is something for me
I worked with is strain,with which I worked most.I tested many brands Kush and also get some seeds from region city- Baghlan.
must tell, that HK from Baghlan,was very similar to Positronics HK..
like you are already writed, what is real HK is million dolar question.

from my experience:uniqe earthy-spicy taste,short bushy plant, with compact buds,shillout weed-work on stoned
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Balcan cannabis organisation
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Old 08-12-2008, 04:45 PM
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JessE, good thread. Being from the States (but not the part where EVERYTHING decent is 'kush', it's haze or sour d here, lol), and young enough to hear the raps about kush, but not young enough to want it based on those rhymes alone....

Kush in the literal sense means from that region of the world. The 'cali kushes' are just borrowing the name IMVHO. I have smoked LA Conf. which is said to be Bubba Kush x afghan (and possibly back to the bubba again). DELICIOUS, narcotic but happy high. Even better was the ECSD (clone) x LA conf (possibly cause I grew it). Best non-haze/non-tropical taste that I've found. Like drinking coffee while fueling up the skunk mobile with kerosene.

That is pretty much my exp with ANYTHING labled kush. So from here on out I am speaking outta my ass.....

OG Kush is part of a family of genetics that were found in as-of-then-unnamed pot. Something like a couple of guys bought like a zip on tour (with the dead or phish or something), the weed blew their minds. They caught up with the source of the killer bud at another show/another summer. The guys bought a pound or 2 and found ~15 seeds. To my knowledge, the weed came from an outdoor Colorado small commercial op.
I believe the following 'clone onlies' are claimed to be direct from those seeds. Iknow that I'll fuk this up, but I'm 3,000 miles from a dispensary, and have traded for (received) 2 clones my whole life, and they were readily available strains anyway...LOL, I figgure that I've given away over 100 to 4-5 different people (THROUGH 1 PERESON), but I digest....
Chem D (chemdog/dawg)
Chem 91 (MAYBE orig diesel???)
Chem #4 (possibly og kush)
I THINK there is another chem....
--I think that these cuts either came from those orig seeds, or are 50%hybrids/s1's of the above.
OgKush (tahoe/sfv cut)
I believe the headband/daywrecker was crossed to a Hawaiian/NL (cause they were kinda similar), and that selected cut (DNL/RNL (RFK??) was being grown commercially and got hit by a herm Mass superSkunk (again kinda similar). The selection from those seeds became the ECSD (east coast sour diesel) cut. WTF HAPPENED TO THE ROOM FULL OF ECSD FUKKIN SEEDS?????????? That's my own question... Did soma get a few of them?? Did they get hoarded, and he just got some down the line bagseed??

These buds (ECSD) are FLAVORFUL. Like lemons and fuel (ogk is said to be the same way, but heavier on the lemons) Smoke a lil, and up up up. Smoke a lot, and nuh night. I have deffo gotten EARLY sour d (the real deal, before I knew what a rez dog was..), which tastes fine, but literally 20 min high.

There is no way that the og kush and her cali-kush derivitaves are much on the highland affy/paki/indian (kush mtns) genes. Branchy, long flowering, small yielding, sativa dom high... Like DNA claiming that the 7/8wk cannaloupe is 50%mex bagseed and 50% orig haze.....not happening.

I think that bubba MAY be a 'real' kush. I have read that it may be serious bubblegum x whitelabel (sensi) Mk. But I dunno. I wish I never lost that ecsd x laconf cut...

Is anyone aware of the flavors in the Devil? Is there COFFEE in there?? Love to get some Coffee, or Pine, or Fuelly indica...
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Old 08-24-2008, 02:32 AM
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Originally Posted by nut View Post
the cannabis in the Hindu kush mountains is a mix of kush x afgani you would do well to find pure kush or a pure afgani in the area the variation between the two is very small. i think any cannabis plant grown in that area is called kush
how the hell is hindu kush a mix of afghani?? Hindu kush comes from the mountians in pakistan last i thought
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Old 08-24-2008, 02:43 AM
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Originally Posted by wicked gh0st View Post
how the hell is hindu kush a mix of afghani?? Hindu kush comes from the mountians in pakistan last i thought
The Hindu Kush is a mountain range located between Afghanistan and Pakistan..
cheers , Haz3
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Old 09-10-2008, 11:29 AM
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I kind'a already knew you would know the true history of the kush,"

Interesting this and i suppose many false myths are out there eh'

I read somewhere that the kush region was more to the south of afghanistan,? and the plants were more a light coloured green than those in the north that were a darker green,inky jade to,I do know myself I prefer
the light coloured afghans,
and especially purple or lavender afghans are sweet to breed with at times, good for making the afghanni pink plant,
some of the purple or lavender affies bring through the pink pistols especially in the cross or f1's ive found, and usually only turn pink in there last two weeks, unlike that origional bluemoonshine plant that starts its pink cycle around week 3 of flower, - purple genitics used to make that one to as ive read in the big book of buds, first indoor plant i ever grew was the b/moonshine) tasty shiet to mate.
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Old 10-03-2008, 04:48 PM
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Hey Bambi,
I had a kush go slightly purple on me this season, but nothing too extreme. Quite powerful I may add, actually hybridized her with a quick Mango Haze male this season. She was pretty damn quick in her own right.
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Old 10-04-2008, 09:36 AM
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ive never grown any kush only a hybrid skush cut i had given to was a nice smoke tasted hashy and the leaf colour was a light green i didnt keep any clones my bad.
ive just bought some master kush x skunk and some abusive x bubba for the next run .
viva la kush
good on you fella's
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