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Default NL#5 x Afghan 400w 40" x 40" tent grow SCROG

I have a thread that I will be emulating for this, I will be basically be splitting two 400w grow tents into:

--A cut of Shit I have, if you check my thread it's Shit #3, this will take up approx. half of one tent.

--Probably 2 Mango x Widow females from seeds popped along with these seeds. This will probably be 2 plants, taking up the other half of the Shit tent, and probably about a third of the other tent.

--And finally the NL#5 x Afghan will take up about 2/3's of the tent with the Mango x Widow.

Some quick pix:

These seeds are crazy vigorous!

Thanks for stopping by and may your garden stay ever-green,
Mr. Nice Shit 400w--Completed
Mr. Nice Mango x Widow--Completed
Mr. Nice Northern Lights #5 x Afghan--Completed
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