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just an opinion from me..
from the outter...
i understand that not every1 is gunna get on..
its human nature..lets remember that
id not like to see u leave Wiz..
imho u have alot of great knowledge,and an accomplished grower
who i know i can only learn from..
that goes for sative fan..come back ...please
lets not let the situation get the better of us
lets get the better of the situation...
maybe some1 could moderate a session between all those that have issues
that way we can acchieve an outcome where all concerned are heard
id suggest then leaving it at that and burying it there
this is only a small community and theres alot of great folks here
we need to retain the valuable members we have already imho
atm its like a petty school yard scwabble
lets get back to wat we have in common
and thats the love of this great plant..
lets share our experience,highs and lows with it
common guys..where stoners..
take care and be safe
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