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It's OK,Hempy!
I'll leave,if that's what these MoFoes want.So then girls like Sativa Fan,will stop crying.
I do not need this forum support,to survive!!!
It is a shame peeps aren't into growing,and learning,together!!!
And,I can tell ya,there will be no advancements made if no one asks questions,and sort things out,for themselves.Like a stagnant river.Useless!!!
I'll just go back,to my work,but first I'll tell ya my bud testing method.
I do not smoke bongs.I use a Dugout and Bat,dry pipe.I have tested over 60 different strains,grown by myself,this way,because,if it's smooth through my pipe,it will better through a bong.This only is a half cone size hitter,so potencey,will have to shine,within one or two hits.I smoke,everyday,osteo arthritis sufferer!
This led to create my own meds,like Shriji and Fantasia,half hit wonders,with hardly any heavey come down or anxiety,and an extremely long stone.So,that I am not having to pump so many down,to achieve the desired results.Shriji,is currently being worked on,in a Vancouver med pot supply,to be handed to patients,that need this medicine.This has been a great feeling,for me,so that all hard work,is not just gone,when I am gone.This is the purpose of growin',for me.
Great thread,resinbud!!!

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