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Old 01-23-2010, 08:24 PM
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I have two questions now...
Is Sam currently allowed entry to the US, and are there outstanding legal matters under US law that relate to the 1982 bust?

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Old 01-23-2010, 11:48 PM
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hey joaquin 386

Sam has mentioned he was in Holland in '84 in his posts over ICmag but I m not sure if he arrived earlier than that date. Cant recollect reading any posts from him mentioning when he first went to Holland.

"Where did Sam claim that on '82 there was a bust?"

Sam never even stated that the he / Sacred Seeds got busted from what I 've read so far.

I 've read about this specific date (1982) in a post from someone over ICmag who said he had seen the bust on the TV back in '82 when it happened. here is the link to the story and Sam's reply:
Originally Posted by Sam_Skunkman
"In '82 I came home one night and turned on the TV. Just as they went to commercial the news bimbo teased the story, "comin right up after
this" police official say they got the source of the skunk. Yeah right I thought, we'd heard these claims before, always to be followed by shot of some deputies pullingthree scragly plants from some poor sucker's patch. This time it was different, this time they were standing in front of a warehouse. Sacred Seeds was busted in '82. The Skunkman was arrested and the cops were in possetion of the groups main seedmaking op."

-Not true at all, I never grew in a warehouse ever, and did not get busted either, this is just made up lies.

Sam repeatedly denies to have been busted ( although I don't know if he means he himself never got busted or SS never got busted ).

So what exact bust does Sam refers to when he says he was in the Netherlands when the bust/arrest took place ??

“Ik was de dag van de arrestatie niet eens in Santa Cruz, maar in Nederland”="I was not even in Santa Cruz the day of the bust/arrest , I was in the Netherlands" From:

Good questions Smokin Moose.
cheers , Haz3

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Old 01-24-2010, 12:43 PM
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Again all of these is based on Joe/Marco words. Not much I can trust in those guys words UNLESS they have prove and I mean prove.

Appart Americans are well known (even english, germans) for showvering once a week.

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Old 01-24-2010, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by british_hempire View Post
One interesting tidbit of info, hortapharm bought the Love Potion lines from reeferman last year for a 6 figure sum, i forget how much but it might have been 450 grand. The reason being that they want to extract the monoterpenoid limonene from it to put in Sativex. Love Potion is G13 x Colombian Gold and variations on that cross, #1 was the f1, #2 a BX to the colombian to bring out the lemon pledge phenos. It is the high levels of limonene that make Love Potion so lemony tasting and it would take Hortapharm years to breed their own high limonene line so they just bought one in from reef.
One of the side effects of Sativex is heartburn.Its said that only 1% of the users have trouble with it, but probably more.

d-Limonene promotes upper digestive health by coating the stomach lining and neutralizing acid.
Other properties of Limonene are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer.

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Old 01-24-2010, 02:31 PM
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So Shanti is involved now too yeah?

Because if it wasn't for Shanti giving Soma his breeding Afghan/Hawaiian male, then Soma would of just had a load of fem seeds/cutz.

He needed a good male to start breeding with and Shanti provided it to him.

Shanti seems like a nice guy, so maybe he just wanted to help him out or
maybe Nev was informed by ''his'' DEA handlers to get Shanti to help Soma set up. *

* This could only happen if you believe that Nev didn't manage to evade the DEA for all these years and turned to remain free.
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Old 01-24-2010, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by genegenie View Post
So Shanti is involved now too yeah?
Hi genegenie
Below is a piece from an article that has been posted a few times now in the past, in which Shanti had briefly discussed his part in providing genetics to Soma.

In the late 90s I gave plants to Soma, and he began a seed company a year later too…mixing his skunks to my males. This has occurred many times to me just look at the Spanish seed companies and 10 years ago…none existed until I went there in 1995 and gave away 3 kilos of seed to growers via Canamo magazine….but that is another story too.

There has been a thresh hold established since the beginning of the thread in which providing sources to the information contained within has been made nearly a necessity. Lately there is questionable information being presented in which little to no valid sources are being included. I would caution against posting such material in the future, as it does not add to the overall body of knowledge and only serves to take the thread off course. Into the polar opposite direction in which the thread was originally intended, and the foundations of which have previously been set.

Originally posted by Smokin Moose
I have two questions now...
Is Sam currently allowed entry to the US, and are there outstanding legal matters under US law that relate to the 1982 bust?
Hi Moose,
Below is a quote you may have already seen, but which may offer a bit of insight into your question(s).

Originally Posted by Sam_Skunkman
G13 is not from University of Miss, I have been to the facility, I was invited to visit by Dr El Sohly , I asked them about G13 and they looked in their records and said they never had a plant called G13, they did not even have clones until a few yeas ago.

Originally posted by l33t

Originally Posted by JessE
At issue seems to be the fact the Skunk man wishes to have his name stricken from the court records with his lawyers best argument being, "There has been no trial, and therefore no condemnation." (quote based off of Google translation).
From other online translations and reading the actual text in Dutch using common sense, it seems that the text refers to information found on Sam in Santa Cruz Justice (dept / ministry ?) Computer records . I 'm not sure that it specifically refers to Court Records though. It could mean he has a police record/file , correct me if i 'm wrong here.
Hi l33t,
As you're aware, different translation services offer varying interpretations. With the google translator however, it states "And yet the name of Hortapharm according to reliable sources in the judicial records."

I think its safe to say there is much left to be desired in these translation(s), and Im sure they ultimately read much better when translated correctly. But what they do is offer us more than what we originally had, and in that sense we should all be grateful to have such tools at our disposal.
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Old 01-24-2010, 09:59 PM
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british hempire,

Originally Posted by british hempire
"'Magic' Ed Selezny - who the hell? Actual name?"

"I passed on l33t's research to Joe Pietri ages ago and Marco Renda has since told me that finding out the Selezny name had helped a bit with the research Joe, Jerry Biesler and others are doing so maybe more info will be forthcoming from that direction before too long."
As you know I 've been interested in the history of haze (among other strains) for quite sometime now , actually since I first read about haze and its hazy history..but for the most part I had focused on the history of Haze and specifically on the MNS haze side of things.
Then after I read Shanti's replies to Sam's posts on Neville and mns Haze (where Shanti mentioned the Dutch Radio Reports with the accusations on Sam) and after I read your online articles on Haze and the info from you on Sam's 'Ed Selezny' name (mentioned in a book from the Dutch Professor of Criminology, Dr F. Bovenkerk) , I decided to do some research on Sam/Hortapharm. Sam was being accused of being a dea informant and due to Sam's (questionable) claims over strains and considering his status over ic (mod) , one of the biggest canna forums, I thought things should be checked out..
I have been very careful with what I have posted on threads on forums (even in pms) esp when it comes to real names of people and personal details..So I want to clear things about the info on Sam's 'Ed Selezny' name since you got my name involved here in this above post of yours.

I really don't know why you chose to post this last paragraph (quoted above) about me..

..but it seems to me that you want to draw the heat away from you and redirect it to others like me who have also done research on the subject. I know all this regarding Sam is a touchy subject so please don't post things about me that suggest that I have done things that I have not done. I still have the pm in my inbox-pm folder where it was you that gave me this info on Sam's Selezny name.. You clearly made it here seem like it was me that I gave Joe this info, this is not true , it was you that gave the Selezny name to Joe and Marco (they even used this info you gave them in their TY article).. so take a step , clear things up and take your responsibilities for your own actions..
And by the way so that it is also clear it was you that chose to pass on the info I had shared with you to Joe.
Not that all this is an important issue but I want things to be clear.

I will state once again what I 've said since I posted my first post on Sam.. I reserve my judgment on Sam and will continue to give him the benefit of doubt till I see more hard proof that shows that he has done the things he is being accused of. On the other hand one thing is certain all the evidence and info seems to show that something 'fishy' is going on in this whole case of Sam/Hortapharm/Haze etc etc..


Now..back to subject ,

I didn't like the Joe Pietri TY article on Sam as imo contains some bs info , inaccuracies and helped mud the waters even more cause there was little/zero backup proof ,for the claims, in the article. As far as I am concerned Joe as a reporter is not a very good one cause speculations and facts are hard to separate in his presented stories.
I 've seen something that really caught my attention about Joe Pietri and his 'relation' with the dea and thought to share it.
Check out this youtube vid on Joe Pietri (AKA konsupsa) titled "DEA and Puppet Full" and read the poster's comments on the right side of the page: - posted by todd737 who is a medical patient and well known activist.
I would love to hear some comments on this vid on Joe..Like the poster comments , you be the judge..

Another thing that had caught my eye and is still does is an icmag post from Sam where he accused Neville of selling Haze in pure form.
I have never seen anyone stating to have bought pure Haze from Neville , neither have I seen Neville offer/sell pure Haze through a seedbank. So I am really skeptical about this accusation of Sam and I wonder if and where Nev sold pure Haze to people cause I ve seen zero proof that backs up Sam's story. If Nev sold pure Haze then someone out there must be able to confirm that but till now all I 've seen over the years is people mentioning buying/growing Nevs other old strains but noone seems to have bought and grown pure Haze from Nev..

"'70s Haze grower"-Happyhi.
For those of you that don't know him, this guy is another interesting character in the Haze story (happyhi is a member over ICmag since June'09).He popped up right out of the blue after the Sam vs Nev/Shanti ic 'debate' took place and claims to personally know the creator of Haze (and stll in contact). He also claims to have been one of the growers of the original Haze in the 70s. He has posted an old Haze poster from '75 , which along with his ' 70's Haze ' descriptions-smoke reports gained some credibility over the ic members . His story over ic is a bit weird though cause he presents the 70's real haze in its pure form to contain only Colombian genetics and there are more weird things in his story , he claims his story is in full accordance to what Sam has said but if you read his story/thread you will see his posts show otherwise..
For the record Sam has made no comments on the forum about happyhi and his story..

What really matters to me is the the real history of genetics to be recorded, some may not care about all this but many others do.. And the sooner the truth is found the better as time passes fast and in a few years from now it may impossible to find out what happened back then..
cheers , Haz3

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Old 01-24-2010, 10:37 PM
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What really matters to me is the the real history of genetics to be recorded, some may not care about all this but many others do.. And the sooner the truth is found the better as time passes fast and in a few years from now it may impossible to find out what happened back then..

i feel the same

in last few months more info of ohaze surfaced then wats been reported all along ,seek and you shall find
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Old 01-25-2010, 12:24 AM
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I love a good mystery. So I was interested in the most recent post by L33t about Joe Pietri, author of "The King of Nepal" (now out in paperback).

Read a lengthy excerpt on Amazon just for fun:

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Old 01-25-2010, 12:38 AM
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Hi All

well this is a hot topic and causing many people to side...a normal thing when one bases informative decision with facts of knowledge. The only problem with this all is the base facts are different depending upon which side of the fence you sit on.

I believe all people have attributed to Cannabis to get it to where it is today. Sites online are as informative nowadays as an informant was back 15 yrs ago....or more. So it is a matter of education and investigation. Nevertheless it will be always a two sided coin so be civil to each other and quote tangible facts that can be referenced if you wish to be taken seriously since this conversation has long passed the opinion stage.

All the best Sb

"Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner." -Lao Tzu

all the best,
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