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Old 07-14-2012, 09:19 PM
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Default Im so confused.

Hey peeps. Even tho im not very active in this forum i spend alot of money on Mr.nice seeds. I always thought that every thing you Shanti say is truth.

The other day i was in roll-it-up forum and saw a thing that got me confused, scared and sad/angry. alot of feelings within me.

I thought to myself "how will i get to the bottom with this in a fair way".
In this link ""

I see how Shanti copy and paste something i thought was his words. I started to wonder "well he is a nice guy but why does he have to copy and paste"?
I just like to get your views of that mr.Shanti?

I do not, i repeat do not want a fight. Im just worried about the cred value of your rep. I do spend around 2500$ in seeds every year on Mr.nice seeds and think we customers deserv a explanation.
i hope moderators will see my worry and not delete my thread or ban me from a nice forum. I just want a answer.
Until then, keep safe and grow trees.
Old 07-17-2012, 03:23 AM
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Hi all,
There is nothing to be concerned a bout, Shantibaba in fact did include his sources for the article but due to a mistake with the graphics department they were not published. All parties have been contacted and the issue addressed. While it is common place in cannabis magazines not to cite sources, after discussing the subject and checking the facts it was discovered that the sources were simply not published.
So we went back to using the very effective peanut butter jar - Howard Marks.

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