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So 77 days since flip, 17 since 11/13.

The one I thought would be done by now keeps on putting out new growth but it is slowing rapidly. I even tried the no water thing but felt so bad today when I pulled her out to look at her under neutral lights I had to gibe her a drink.

I may cut about a dried ounce worth off in the next couple of days to compare it to the later cut stuff. I smoked a sample and the shit is crazy already.

The Sativa heavy one just keeps on keeping on. This fucker is HUGE. No sign of her stopping. It is getting so big I am going to have to keep a close eye out for rot - I sat her close to one of the oscillating fans for a bit of prevention. She got fed full strength last night as I see no reason to start cutting back at this stage - she is gonna go another month I'd guess. It has a 16 inch cola that is 11 inches around and it is still all long white hairs, no a red/orange one on her. This after it was bent too!! It just keeps growing. I have lights from all angles so it isn't just growing for the sky. It has a dozen or so tops on other branches that are the size of the palm of my hand - just big fat nasty lumps of funktastic beauty.

The inbetween one is now on light organic feeding, it may only get one more if any. Gotta keep an eye on her.

The smells are still super mellow - the Nev's Skunk is outstinking it. The Mango Haze, which has only been in flower room about a week and is just now starting to put out flowers, stinks worse than the whole rest of the room. Just popped a CM momma in there yesterday so I am expecting a whole new set of smells here soon.

Anyways, these very well could me Med Man, going by weight, and I ended up getting all the thin leaf phenos in the pack in my small sample. This is certainly connoisseur quality herb with commercial size yields. I will be keeping a cut from every one of the rest, male and female, through flowering before I make any decisions next time. Every day these girls wake up I am amazed. Even with the longer flowering time , gram per day, I would think this is in the running with about anything out there but it has the visual appeal and, from my small samples, the potency to go toe to toe with any "elite".

I love the hybrids and poly-hybrids from MNS!! You have the chance of finding many different phenotypes in each pack. You can realistically find a few A grade mothers that have unique highs in a single pack. There is variation but the gene pool is so solid that I would grow 90% of the seed plants I have grown from them again. That is enough to keep me coming back forever.
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