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just dropped my earliest early skunk and have her in the shed right now. fully ripe and stinking like a fresh bottle of citri-solve cleaner. i chopped the seed mom plus two clones of her put out on different times-july 1, aug 1- so i could see how they did with short veg. i put out a few sept 1 also and want to see how they weather the aproaching winter.
i have three females with two very similar and more skunk like and the third an early pearl. the early pearl finished first and is the one i used as an outdoor test plant to see how it did at different put out times and in different locations coastal, inland. i think it is a good solid outdoor plant that finishes first week of october and is hardy. im hoping she does as well in the coastal locations for those with a place but bad climate. some outdoor is always better than no outdoor.
ill give you a report on the smoke and when i drop the two skunkish earlys.
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