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Unhappy Don't You Think Eating It Will Ease Your Pain ?

budmaster , I'm Sorry To Hear Of Your Condition, And Think Your Decision To Allow Your Lungs To Heal Themselves Has To Be The Best Way To Go
It's Sad To Hear Of You Leaving Considering Your Talents And Obvious Love Of The Plant Itself.
I Don't Know If You Knew That For Well Over A Year I Have Not Smoked Cannabis Due To Medical Conditions .
I Eat It , Normally With Yogurt ( Made Up 24 Hours In Advance ) .Along With Some Bran , I Normally Feel It's Effects In 45 Minutes - 1 Hour .
With Good Herb I Feel Stoned For Most Of The Day ( Sativa Getting Me Up And Active , And Indica The Exact Opposite.
I Have Had No Stomach Complaints Or Cramps .
Your Hobby As A Gardener ; Will You Miss It ?
I'm Sure You Are Familiar With ( After Buying The Original Kit , One can D.I.Y Ingredients And Save Money Over Reordering Cannabrex Products.
I'll Be Sorry To See You Go
Having Some Saved Bud You Can Eat Is Always A Good Idea In Times Of Stress That May Tempt Solace In A Bottle Of " Socially Acceptable - Alcohol )
Whatever Your Life Journey budmaster, I Wish You All The Best In The Future
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