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Post Shark Shock Grow Report

A grow report on Shark Shock.

I currently have 1 female out of 31 seed yep... 1. Oh well, luck of the draw... But, I had 30 males to choose from to cross lol! (I created 50 seed from my cross, but that is another grow report as they are now being cloned.)

The remaining female is nice. Large buds with a skunk look, this is currently my biggest yielder that takes about 56 days to flower. I veg for 1 week upon 80% rooting from clone. The growth is vertical with side branching close to the stem, so I can effectively grow this strain SOG.

I currently have a small mother (from a cutting) as I wanted to get my other MNS strain(s) flower room acces. It will take me a month of veg to allow me to take sizeable # of clones.

I'll keep you posted.

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