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Old 10-12-2012, 09:38 AM
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Default Happy birthday prohibition. Now die.

Happy birthday prohibition. Now die.
Posted by Vivian McPeak on September 30, 2012
Happy birthday, marijuana Prohibition. You are now 75 years old—well past retirement age. You have accomplished so much, you must be very proud of yourself. You have largely conquered the world. You’ve spread your policies of persecution and subjugation from nation to nation, perpetuating the expansion of a prison industrial complex that would have made Stalin proud.
Your righteous crusade against a largely benign, natural plant and all who dare to embrace it has been the status quo for an entire human lifetime or better. Ever since you were conceived by the Rockefellers and promoted by their henchman, Harry Anslinger, you have been relentlessly waging a campaign of hate, terror, and brutality on a populace that is almost totally non-threatening.
Using the tactics of yellow journalism, racist bigotry, and outright lies, you have sabotaged and minimized that which makes America great: Constitutional liberty for Americans. You used the United States’ military against its own citizens, on American soil. That is unprecedented.
You have invaded the homes, the cars, the businesses, and the bloodstreams of millions of otherwise decent, law-abiding Americans in order to advance your campaign of misery and suffering. You have seized homes, cars, boats, bank accounts, and property from tens of thousands American citizens, often with no due process or conviction.
You have pitted neighbor against neighbors, parent against child, and teacher against student in an effort to create a nation of simple stool pigeons. You have thrown millions of human lives into the incinerator of injustice while you line the corporate pockets of your benefactors with enough money to purchase the facts straight out of the mouth of the truth. You have co-opted history, bypassed the U.S. Constitution, and favored building prisons over schools. You paved the way for racialized social control resulting in the mass incarceration of Americans, particularly Americans of color. You have effectively created a brilliant tool for voter suppression among minority communities.
You have selectively enforced your madness on people of color, the poor, the infirm, and an entire counterculture. You have strong-armed your way into our homes, pulled Americans out of their beds in the dark night, laid them on the floor in their nightclothes, and brutalized them as if they were terrorists. You have stripped Americans of all dignity and stuck them with a stigma formerly reserved for child molesters and communists; you have treated them worse than common criminals, who do not face the routine sanctions, fines, forced drug classes, and “forfeitures” that people accused of drug “crimes” endure.
You have lied in court, falsified evidence, framed innocents, entrapped citizens, and used people as informants, sometimes at the cost of their lives. You have ruined futures, broken families, and stolen children from their parents.
You have poured enough resources into your campaign of hate to build tens of thousands of schools, daycare centers, hospitals, and food banks. Instead, you have built prisons, privatized them, created incentives to lock up Americans, and then profited greatly from it all. You have enjoyed uncompensated prison labor and a mountain of working people’s taxes, which you then used to lock up millions with impunity. You have helped to jail more citizens per capita than any nation in human history.
You have cooperated and conspired with tyrants, despots and dictators, all in the name of justice. You have promoted stereotypes while you have spread pure, raw, unadulterated hatred. You have divided Americans, and fractured our society.
You have caused murders, suicides, and suffering beyond imagination. You have denied the sick, the elderly, and the terminally ill relief from suffering by denying them access to medical marijuana. Hell, you have even persecuted crippled, broken, and dying men and women and then tossed them into jails and prisons like caged rats. You have denied medical care, treatment, and medicine to prisoners. You have made possible untold prison rapes.
You have ignored presidential commissions, scientists, physicians, and journalists, in order to manufacture the consent of the American public. You have lied, distorted, twisted, fabricated, insinuated, and attacked the truth in a vicious crusade that has been part of the most well-funded domestic government policy ever known. You have declared an internal war against citizens of your own country.
You have undermined a general respect for the rule of law among many of America’s youth, who can clearly see through the hypocrisy of treating cannabis like it is a poison, while allowing poisonous alcohol and tobacco to be legal. You have endangered the lives of law enforcement officers with no just cause and caused animosity between citizens and police that will take years to undo. You have diverted resources from investigating actual crimes, and distracted from them.
Yes, happy birthday, Prohibition. You have done well. You must be so proud. You have spread fear, mistrust, paranoia, shame, embarrassment, and hate all over the globe.
Now it is time for you to retire, old policy. You are ashen and gray, heartless and cold, soulless and unfeeling. You are evil, and it is time for you to go. You cannot have America, and we are going to take her back. She is just now learning of your lies, your hate, and your destruction of liberty, freedom and justice.
It is time to retire, fade into the past, and disappear. Your time is limited, because justice is on the march.
Ref:Happy birthday prohibition. Now die. | Vivian McPeak -

Brutal Police Raid On California Marijuana Shop Caught On Video
Posted by Camron Wiltshire on July 5, 2012
By Samantha Tata and Michelle Valles,, via MSNBC:
A raid on a marijuana dispensary in Long Beach was caught on video showing officers smashing surveillance cameras and stepping on a suspect, moves that prompted accusations against the officers of excessive force.
More than a dozen police raided THC Downtown Collective in the 300 block of Atlantic Boulevard (map) on June 19, officials said. The video was posted to YouTube by user “Long Beach Raids” on July 1. Officials said they learned about the video on July 3.
The two-minute-long video opens to show a man surrendering to police, three of whom surround him while two put him in handcuffs.

One of the officers is seen stepping on volunteer employee Dorian Brooks’ back with both feet before stepping on his neck, with what Brooks described as 300 pounds of pressure.
The video, which was being recorded at an off-site location, then cuts to an officer pointing at the recording camera before another looks up and smashes the lens…
[continues at MSNBC]
Ref + watch MSNBC video: Brutal Police Raid On California Marijuana Shop Caught On Video | Disinformation
Or watch original YouTube video: THC RAID Long Beach California 2012 police raid of medical cannabis collective.(2:05mins): THC RAID - YouTube

"Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner." -Lao Tzu

all the best,
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Old 10-13-2012, 06:36 AM
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Default bugger "them"

Bugger the thought police

Use cannabis and be free to be like me

Never be what they fear you are if you fear them
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Old 12-04-2012, 01:23 PM
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Nice post Shanti..

I really do often wonder how different things woudl be now if cannabis had never been made illegal.. Sometimes I think things would be very very different and other times I think not much would have changed really..

I guess assuming that hemp had gone on to be used and utilized for everything that is possibly can be then we would have certianly made a much less negative impact on the environment.. Imagine a world where there was no pacific floating rubbish dump.. Where plastics biodegraded..ALL of them..form the first few plastics ever invented..

Imagine just how much better our air, water, earth would be.. Imagine how many more trees there would be with none being used for paper..

How many people would not have criminal records..Wouldnt be banned from other countries, all because they had once been caught with dry plant matter or extract in their home or on their persons..

How much revenue through TAX each country would have, if cannabis had still been a legal crop for farmers and it was taxed and sold legally.

It saddens me to think of those kinds of things and to think how different things could have been, how much better they could have been..

I am a great lover of nature, animals..the natural world.. it is a really wonderful and beautiful place, filled with really remarkable and amazing animals and plant life.. It baffles me how such a remarkable and useful plant was 'ever' banned in the first place..
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Old 12-06-2012, 05:00 PM
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Default Word!

Dam, I wish I could organize my thoughts, and put them on paper as eliquently as that.

I'm affraid it's not over yet.
What happens when the federal gov cuts founding to these new legal states.

In Louisiana, after the rest of the countr raised it's drinking age to 21 YEARS ago, they kept theirs at 18. Now because this state would not conform with the rest of the country, the cut aid bad! It was like the US placed sanctions on one of it's own state's. Where are all the billionairs who gave Obama, and Romney money to buy a country now? Are there NONE who want to do the RIGHT thing? Cock brothers can lick my balls

What I am hopping, is the cannabis industry can collect enough revenue to the point where ther FEDs can't bully these states around. Even better, would be for these states not to have to rely on the FEDs at all, the rest of the country sees how much revenue cannabis brings in, and the rest follow. A state like Texas will NEVER even allow a vote. Pathetic

Also IMO, there needs to be a movement for farmers to legally grow hemp. Shit, hemp is food, clothing, and shelter, as well as fuel, medicine. Farmers stuck growing wheat, corn etc etc, can make a much better life for themselves growing hemp. Not to mention all the positive enviornmental effects it would have.

Yeah, I am happy we have taken a step forward, I just hope it don't push us 2 steps back.
Well lets keep the good fight.
Sorry for the ADD/ dyslexia. It can be frustrating for anyone who dares read my post, and even more for myself.

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Old 12-07-2012, 07:46 AM
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Yep! Ol man prohibition is hanging on to life like Daddy Bush senior. Maybe these two are tied togeather in soul. Prohibition = Daddy Bush! When one dies the other dies. Just to give things an esoteric bent.
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