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Post Basic community rules for the Mr Nice Seedbank forum

The Laws of interaction, basic community rules for the Mr Nice Seedbank forum:
1.Active debate and free speech are warmly encouraged, but remember you are a guest here, and decorum and respectful conduct are not optional but expected. From the first day it was created this forum never had moderators, nor mamas nor policemen telling users what can and what cannot be said. Our idea is that every person should be self-governing. Suspensions will apply to those who directly insult, disrespect and antagonize other members with regularity.

2.MNS encourages the freedom of expression of one’s opinion in a responsible and civilized manner. Creating a community feeling, a sense of solidarity and mutual respect is one of the top priorities of this forum. Fairness is difficult to enforce so we will go back to school days style . Everyone who enters a thread with a disruptive, insulting, trolling or antagonistic post aimed at others, and all other who comment after this to further fuel and banter off the topic, will suffer equally at least 1 week of suspension from our the MSN Forum.

3.Enjoy debates and discussions, lead by example in creating a civil environment of mutual understanding and learning. Help out those that are looking for help, let your passion for beautiful plants be the energy that motivates your posts. This is no place for heros, it’s a place for people to enjoy and grow together!

4.The author of the message is solely responsible for the contents of his/her comment. Comments expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of MNS.

5.Under no circumstances are private messages (PM) to be quoted or referred to in the public forum. Private means between the discussing parties, public means open to all who visit the site.
6. Under no circumstance you should post any details about other members that are private: no addresses, no names , no scanned version of medical licenses/cards etc....Should we find posts that contain such content, we would remove the post from the forum and the user that posted such info will be immediately suspended. Even with the approval from other members, we prefer this information to be kept off this site in the interest of the community safety and to respect the privacy for the members involved.

.Comments that contain material that is defamatory, abusive, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, or illegal should not be published on the MNS forum and are likely to be removed if published. Please understand that this forum wants to be able to stand on its own feet without having third party security services regulating user interaction. So benefit from the possibility that is given here, without abusing it.

.State your opinion rather than resorting to personal attacks.

.Be considerate. Allow others the opportunity to participate by not excessively submitting comments repeatedly throughout the day or excessively responding to every comment that is published. This considerate gesture will allow for a variety of views and opinions to be expressed. MNS reserves the right to refuse to publish excessive submissions that serve only to dominate the forum, stifle discussions, and stifle participation.

10. MNS reserves the right to refuse to publish or to edit any comment that, in their opinion, violates the rules and the spirit of the forum. Please contact users Shantibaba or Admini or Mediator1via PM (Private Message) to report any problems that might arise.

11."Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead

12.A problem only exists if you are unwilling to deal with an issue…otherwise there is no such thing as a problem”. ~Shantibaba

13.Mate, I would like to, but I really have no time right now….”. ~admini

Cyberspace, April 2009

Revised & updated: December 2011

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