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Hi folks, I am back, but only on dial up for the time being.
word of advice!, never use talk-talk. they suck!

I have been keeping a dairy, so i shall just copy-paste it! Hope it is what you wanted. Sorry if it seems like a bit of a story, but i was well bored!

Grow Diary.
Haze EQ.
Ok, this is my 3rd grow. Thanks for giving me the chance. My 1st grow didnít go so well, I got zero plants out off ten seeds. Not good!! Lucky I gave my friend a seed that he did manage to sprout, hopefully not all is lost. I also gave my friend 5 of the Haze seeds and asked him to keep a diary for me. (Just in case).
The seeds arrived this morning! May 4th. Thank you. And may the 4th be with me.
Planted the 5 seeds, I only used 5 because space is an issue plus if all goes pear shaped I can try different methods.
I used 5 pots. Poked a few holes in the bottom, I am using Biogrow All-Mix soil. I sowed seeds into 5 pots all at different depths, just to see what happens basically, and I gave them a good watering. I have numbered them 1,2,3,4 and 5. Then I placed them into a propagating tray and then in to my dark warm boiler room.

May 7th.
Two sprouts, (1 & 2).
I placed them into grow-robe at start of 14 hr cycle. Havenít watered them yet, will give them a good drink in the morning to cool them down when I switch the lights off. My grow-robe temperature averages 83/88f and has a average humidity level of 15-45%.

May 9th
Sprouts (3 & 4).
Two more sprouts, one yesterday and one today. Still one left in my boiler cupboard. Same as seeds 1 & 2 into grow-robe 14 hr cycle.

May 11th

Sprout 5 still hasnít shown any signs of life! I think the reason is because I buried it to deep when I sowed it. The other 4 are doing really well. I shall keep #5 in boiler cupboard for a few more days. The soil is still nice and moist. So fingers crossed!!

May 15th
Sprouts are looking nice; they are around 3inchís high with a few new leaves on them. Seed 5 never sprouted!! R.I.P!! I got them on a 15 hr cycle they seem to be happy enough. So far I have watered them maybe 2 times with rain water that I have collected from my balcony. My temp is running at 83, humidity 15%. I am going to re-pot tomorrow.

May 20th
Re-pot went no problems. Plants seem to be ok, no signs of stress or anything.

May 24th
OMG!! I have spider mites!!
I hope I have caught it in time to cure it. I have bought some solution from my local gardening store. After asking a few questions I got told to give them a good wash, both sides of the leaves, and then use the solution. Here goes!
My Sensei Star I will just wash and hope for the best! It has been in flower for two weeks now so I donít want to use any chemicals on it. The guy in the shop said it would be best just to wash it every week and keep a high temperature environment to keep the population of spider mites down.
I have literally drowned them with the solution, I can not see any more spider mites or eggs; I think I got them all. The plants are looking a bit sorry for them selves at the moment. Fingers crossed they will be ok. If the worst comes to the worst I can always start again still got 5 seeds left, but this would be very gutting for me. Fingers Crossed all will be ok!

May 25th
Oh dear!!
Not good! Well 3 of them look ok, one looks a bit burnt! My g13 (Original? I donít know!) Also took a bit of a bashing. I think I made one pot of the solution to strong!
My g13 looks like it has been on fire, there are a few leaves that look ok, so I plucked the worst bits of and took the poor thing, as well as the four hazes into my shower room and gave it a good clean!
I think three are fine; one is lost!! Two down, Three to go!

May 31st
Three of the haze looks great; they donít look like they took any damage at all, my g13 is looking poor. I believe they are very strong plants (well the originals were anyway) and they can regenerate after flowering, so letís hope it pulls through! Anyway, after doing more research I found that ladybirds are the best form of defence and they are 100% natural, which will be good for my sensei star, so I went out ladybird hunting. Found three!! I have also been washing the plants in the shower room, giving them a good clean both sides of the leaves; I have done this twice now. They seem to be happy enough! The damaged/burnt one is in the bin I am sorry to say,

June 01st
Wow! The haze grows fast each morning I find new shoots on them. As for the g13Ö.hmmÖno change, it still looks pitiful, but at least itís not dead! The ladybirds are happy hanging around on the sensei star, so I guess the other plants must be clean! I will keep the ladybirds for another week or so before I return them to the bush I found them on. Donít want to be smoking ladybird shit!

June 02nd
Very hot day! Temperature is 88-90f. I have just added a computer fan to the beginning of my air-in tube to hopefully move more air. My main worry is that the summer gets really hot; cooling may be a problem for me. I am considering moving the whole operation into the on-suit bathroom as this is the coolest room in the flat plus built in extractor fans and a all white tile wall it would be perfect! Only problem is that this is my girlfriends bathroom! I will think of a plan! A cunning plan it will be too! Anyways, plants seem to be doing ok, I pruned a few of the bigger leaves today when I watered them.
G13 is looking poorer some of the leaves that was left on it seem to be turning brown!
Sensei star is looking yummy! I am happy about this because how I have made it flower and keep other plants on a 15hr cycle is when the lights go off in the morning I have had to drag my sorry arse out of bed, water it or what ever needs to be done then I have to carry it into my living room where it sits in a empty cupboard where it lives for 12hrs.

June 4th
The weather is getting hot! My time cycle is 5pm on, 8am off! From 5pm up till 10pm the temperature is averaging 90f, I have to leave the door open ajar and the window open as wide as it can. The plants seem to be happy enough still.
My g13!! HmmÖtwo of the top leaves have turned a nice green but a few of the lower leaves are turning a sickly brown, I am slowly loosing hope! Not all is lost as it was a clone anyways so I could get another cutting from one place or another. It is just a shame they was looking really nice and healthy. The spider mite problem has gone this I am 99% sure off so thatís one good thing.

June 11th
Nothing much to say, I have been watering them every day at lights out time. Once a week I have been adding a bit of nutrient to the water and they are loving it I have also been removing the big leaves, is there anything I can do with the leaves? E.g. tea? The temperature has risen and I have to keep the grow-robe door open a little bit just to get it to 88. My g13 is looking a little better I decided to cut the dead branches off and see it the top sprout would grow! And it is! I wish I was on line I have many questions to ask should be any day soon. We decided to tell talk-talk to piss off and now we are just waiting for BT to reconnect! At least the test grow is going well.

I also got loads of photos, but it will take me for ever to upload them. hang in there!!...The first photo i have posted is the most recent. egxhaze
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