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Default Im so confused.

Hey peeps. Even tho im not very active in this forum i spend alot of money on Mr.nice seeds. I always thought that every thing you Shanti say is truth.

The other day i was in roll-it-up forum and saw a thing that got me confused, scared and sad/angry. alot of feelings within me.

I thought to myself "how will i get to the bottom with this in a fair way".
In this link ""

I see how Shanti copy and paste something i thought was his words. I started to wonder "well he is a nice guy but why does he have to copy and paste"?
I just like to get your views of that mr.Shanti?

I do not, i repeat do not want a fight. Im just worried about the cred value of your rep. I do spend around 2500$ in seeds every year on Mr.nice seeds and think we customers deserv a explanation.
i hope moderators will see my worry and not delete my thread or ban me from a nice forum. I just want a answer.
Until then, keep safe and grow trees.