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Default FYI

Wanted to share some thoughts regarding "Sour Diesel"

I know a few respectable growers out of Cali. Long story short, they took a male DNA cantaloupe haze (some say it's just c99) and crossed it to a female 2010 MNS NevilHaze x 2010 Sensi NL5Haze.

well a third of the progeny is sour diesel. The other third is sweet honeydew/pineapple, and the rest fall in the middle.

So ... I wasn't there in 91' at the dead show where the ChemDawg supposedly originated that the diesel stemmed from. I'm not even a dead fan. Pink Floyd is more my speed. In any event ... I am here now and what happens when you water the seeds of this cross I mentioned is that sour diesel starts growing everywhere so I thought I'd share.

I grew up in NYC, I've tasted all of the diesels. Sour Diesel, Sour sage, NYC diesel, east coast diesel, etc.

The taste, smell, and high of this new cross are one in the same with sour diesel.
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