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Hi Longhorn,
The plant can't be 4 feet wide or it crowds the AKs. I know I like the AKs,this is the first grow of the nl5hz.
If it is good and doesn't rot, it will be back.
As far as 5#,I haven't grown it. If it is like past AKs it might make about half that.

Hello Joe King Park,
That is a nice reveg job.
I've heard it can be done,I have never tried it.
I root a cutting before flower if I want a copy.
As far as topping this nl5hz, I want it to end up at around 7 feet. The fence blocks much of the morning sun. The taller they get the more sun they get.

Here is today's look at the nl5hz(L) next to the middle AK.

Now a closer look at the top of the nl5hz to show the branching.

You can see the next lower set of branches are overreaching the center growth.
For now I'll watch and hope the middle growth accelerates.
Those branches are nice and flexible if training is needed.

Peace and regards,

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