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Originally Posted by O in front of G View Post
All genetics are the same?? What are the genetics... Fem or reg....

Pretty odd if they are clones all from same plant...

Recirculating dwc with res or individuals???

If individual are you checking each pod for ph/ppm...

Adding nutrients as concentrate or diluting first???

I'll try and find your other thread... Any updated pics??

Have a good one

O in front G,
1) Genetics are all MNS - NH and SSH regular seeds.
2) I've used 8 different, normally grown plants to take clones from. All SEEM to follow the same growth patterns. I've yet to find a 'problem' clone.
3) DWC; NON-recirculating but 'auto top off' with pH adjusted water keeping the levels consistent.
4) pH and ppm are checked/adjusted 3 to 4 times daily.
5) Nutes are mixed separate then exchanged for used nutes - I find less shock this way.
6) New photos to come next week.
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