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Originally Posted by curious101 View Post
Hempy i'm not in any damn group that is making attacks. I have stuck up for Shanti numerous times and have stayed faithful to MNS. Check any of my threads or posts and i'd say atleast 90% are positive. Hempy you are so use to fighting everyone you just threw me into the group. What i was stating was that I found it hard to believe Stargazer had problems at such a high level, and people know regular Critical Mass has had a few herm reports. Anyhow, i'm not fighting with you all, i've thought of leaving this site numerously because of all the in fighting so don't drag me into the shit.
curious101 i never had a problem with any one up until i was being targeted i then saw a pattern emerge and watched from a far as most have and do in this forum mate and it dose not take much for any one person to start to see a pattern emerge mate.

The fact is set people post one after the other almost repeating the person before them so one cant help but look at it like an organized thing just like i am seeing in this thread.

I dont like fem seeds but i am fair and always honest and i say just what i think with out being biest.

Gnome is growing in a tent and its fact that many growers growing in tents are experiencing hermis as a result that is now well known threw the community and it has been proven most tents have lite leeks.

His plants are crammed in and as his getting hermaphrodite flowers showing lower down all at the same area of the plant dont you see a odd pattern there i do.

I have read and seen many peoples grow threads with CBD lines and no ones reported hermies as far as i am aware so why are set people targeting and trying to rubbish the CBD lines here as thats clearly what some are doing right in this thread.


Re: Flotsam and jetsam

Postby Elmer Bud Wed Apr 18, 2012 1:01 pm
G`day Brothers and ... Sisters ??

Well gotta say cheers guys . Way to make a fella feel wanted .
@ Bobby Done good !

I was tempted to make an exit from old dad`s home , but I think I am more
useful on the inside than out. If ya feel me .
Besides GM1 has not got what he`s due as yet he he

Thanks for sharin
Elmer Bud .
The revolution will not be televised. The revolution , will be live !
This post from your friend clearly proves there is infact an organized vendetta towards this site and its members.

If i was reading this thread and seen a genuine interest to resolving the problem with out set members singling out whats clearly a hack job on the CBD crews work i would not of sed a thing here or posted.

But Gnome who left angry with the site comes back under a new handle claims the CBD gears shit and all angry only admitting its him after i called him out makes any person question the authenticity of the intention of this thread and the members supporting it.

Have a great day.