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Originally Posted by crikey View Post
The best/strongest hash you can smoke in India is called 'Charas'.
Charas can ONLY be made from Ganja grown at altitude.
Hi Crikey.

I have to correct you on your comment about Charas. Charas in India is just a name for Hand rubbed Hash, there are many different grades of it ranging from wild rubbed plants (jungli Plants), which generally produce a low grade dark Hash, to properly grown & rubbed farmed plants grown especially for Hash. I say grown for Hash as in the North they eat the seeds & plants are grown in some places purely for food (seeds) & the cannabis they collect is a by pruduct, add to that these plants are usually grown in poor mountainous soils & you get a type of Hash that's virtually unsmokeable to us with a fine Palate for top quality Hash.

Properly farmed Plants that are rubbed softly, with the first rub being the best & so on produce the best Hash & the Top grade in Malana will melt immediately when you put a lighter to it. The reason for hand rubbing traditionally in India is that for a start it can be too humid to sieve & also because the sieving process is a western concept.

I used to work in Pokhara Nepal, with an Old boy who sieved his plant material making the most exquisite Hash i've ever had, but he was the exception at the time.


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